What are the Best Products to Import from Turkey?

List of 50 Best Products to import from Turkey for a profitable business

Are you an importer looking for the best products to import from Turkey? These Turkish export products are selling really good.

Please also check this post if you are not an importer and just looking for best Turkish Souvenirs to bring home.

We have used verified trade data and our knowledge to create this list.

50 best products from Turkey to import

Importing Clothes from Turkey is Always a Great Idea

What Products are Best to Import From Turkey? 1

Turkish apparel industry is a top supplier for the World’s top fashion brands. Importing almost any kind of apparel from Turkey is a good idea. Clothing brands and clothing manufacturers in Turkey are mostly export oriented and there are companies who are only serving to international fashion brands for creating their lines.

Wheat Flour

Wheat Flour is absolutely a top product from Turkey for importers around the World. The official data by ITC Trademap verifies that Turkey is the number 1 exporting country for wheat flour in 2022 and 2023.

Types of wheat flour are plenty, qualitiy is great, prices are the best in Turkey. (Prices and availability may change depending on the Global wheat market). When looking for wheat flour from Turkey, this post would be so useful.


Turkish Pasta is a top product in our list for some good reasons. Turkish pasta manufacturers are among the World’s top exporters. Turkey is one of the World’s 2 biggest exporting countries with Italy.

There are many pasta manufacturing companies in Turkey, most of them located in Gaziantep city.

Pasta is exactly one of the best products to import from Turkey.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Especially for European countries since they are close to Turkey, Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the top products to import from Turkey. Turkey is a huge fresh fruits and vegetables producer.

The following specific products are among the top exported ones in fruits and vegetables:

  • Fresh Quinces
  • Citrus Fruit
  • Grapes
  • Cherries
  • Apples
  • Strawberries
  • Figs
  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Tomatoes
  • and more…

Dried Fruits from Turkey

Turkey is World’s largest exporter of Dried Figs, Dried Grapes, Dried Apricots and more..

Buying dried fruits from Turkey is always a great business idea. Check suppliers of dried figs from Turkey here…

Nuts (Hazelnut & Pistachio)

When looking for the best products to import from Turkey, Turkish hazelnuts and Pistachio are among the top ones. Turkey produces and exports the most of World’s hazelnuts. Pistachio exports of Turkey is also ranking first in the World.

Home Textile Products from Turkey

Turkish Home textile items are preferred imports from Turkey. Because its quality is appreciated by users around the World. Turkish towels, beddings, curtains and more need to be searched in Turkey to source for your business.

Carpets & Rugs

Turkey is number one exporting country for machine-made carpets & area rugs in the World. Especially Gaziantep city in South Eastern Turkey is a leading manufacturing hub for machine made area rugs.

Also Turkish handmade rugs are valueable products tourists are bringing back home from Turkey. Here are the top Turkish rug manufacturers

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil is one of the best products from Turkey. In 2022 Turkey has been number 1 ranking country for sunflower oil exports. There are really huge sunflower oil companies in Turkey who export refined sunflower oil in retails packs and in bulk.

Turkish sunflower oils exports in 2022 exceeded 1 Billion USD by taking Turkey to the first position in export value.


Turkish brands such as Armsan, Huglu, Istanbul Silah, and many other manufacturers of shotguns in Turkey are famous for their quality and affordable prices in US market.

It is good to note that USA is the top importing country of Made in Turkey shotguns.

Fresh or Chilled Tuna

Tuna fish in many forms is one of the top products to buy from Turkey. Dardanel, Sasu are some good brands who manufacture and export canned tuna in Turkey.

Portland Cement

Cement is one of the most basicproducts in construction industry. Turkish cement companies like Akcansa, and Cimko export the most Portland cement in the World. Turkey is ranking number one in exporting countries of cement.

Pickles in Turkey

Pickles of various type of vegetables can be found in Turkey. Turkish peaople like pickles much and hence there are almost hundreds of pickles manufacturing companies in Turkey. Exports of Pickles is very good in Turkey.

Turkish pickle producing companies like Tukas, are very good in exporting as well.

Marble and Travertine

Turkish marbles and travertines are highly in demand products in the World for their quality, and nice styles and colors. Turkish marble companies are among the World’s leading exporters of marbles and travertines. 


I am sure most of us did not know what Feldspar is? But Turkey is World’s Number 1 ranking exporter of this product.In 2022 Turkey’s Feldspar exports amounted 322 Million USD.

Feldspar is an important industrial raw material used in glass, ceramics, welding electrodes and paint industries. Especially sodium and potassium feldspar. 60% of world feldspar production is used as filling material in glass, 35% in ceramic industry, 5% in rubber, plastic and paint industries.

Ceramic Sinks & Washbasins

Turkish ceramics are very popular around the World. Ceramic sinks, washbasins and similar items made of ceramics are one of the top exports of Turkey. At least Turkey is number one ranking exporter in the World.

Radiators for Central Heating

Turkey is again number 1 ranking exporter country in the World for radiators for central heating.In 2022, Turkey exported radiators with a value of more than 500 Million USD. A leading company in Turkey for the manufacturing of radiators is Warmhaus.

Cables from Turkey

Turkish cable manufacturers are exporting more than 1 Billion USD which helps Turkiye ranks at the top for exporting copper, and aluminum cables of many types. There are very large companies in cables industry in Turkey like Seval Kablo.

Bulgur Wheat

Bulgur Wheat is a very valuable and nutritious, semi-ready foodstuff consisting of only water and wheat, obtained by cleaning, boiling, drying the wheat, peeling the shell and grinding in different types of mills, separating the grains of different sizes.

Bulgur is a preferred product from Turkey especially in some regions.

Rubber Hoses & Pipes

Turkey is number 1 ranking exporter in the World for Vulcanized rubber hoses and pipes with HS Code 400941. So hoses and pipes are great products to buy from Turkey.

Yarns & Fabrics

Turkish Textile industry has many very large corporations for manufacturing yarns and fabrics from materials like cotton and synthetics like PP, Acrylic & Polyester. An example of a big manufacturer of yarns from Turkiye is Gurteks Yarn. Turkey is the biggest exporter of yarns of some types.


Buying steel and products made of Steel from Turkey is a good idea. Turkish steel manufacturers are very succesful in export markets. Bars, Rods, plates and many varieties of steel products can be sourced from Turkey.

Companies such as, Isdemir, & Erdemir Steel are among the biggest Turkish steel manufacturers.

Mills / Grain Milling Machines

As Turkey is a leading wheat flour manufacturer and exporter, also the technology for grain milling is a big industry in Turkey.

Turkish Grain Milling machines are one of the top products to import from Turkey. One of the top companies in milling technology solutions is Alapala.

Diesel Generators

One of the top export products of Turkey is Electric Generators. Importing Generating sets from Turkey is a great business. Diesel generators are the most popular option. Turkish generator manufacturers are listed in this post.


Power transformers from Turkey. Are you looking for transformers suppliers, then you should definitely check Turkish transformer manufacturers before making your decision.

Active Yeasts

Turkey is number 2 ranking exporter of active yeasts in the World. The top Turkish active yeast brands and manufacturers exported a total amount of USD 230 Million in 2022. One of the leading manufacturer of active yeasts in Turkey is Pakmaya company.

Turkish Made Jams & Marmalades

Turkis Jams are very popular products around the World. IN Turkey there are several big manufacturers and brands of Jams, and Marmalades like Tunas, Koska.. and more..

Strawberry Jams are very common, however, you should try some traditional jams and marmalades also. Apricot Jams, Rose Jams are some other common types.

Rosehip Marmalade and Cranberries Marmalade are very popular and healthier options when looking for Turkish made Jams and marmalades.Check Onculler Company for these products.

Spices (Baharat in Turkish)

One of the most famous Turkish products is Spices. Turkey exported spices with a value of USD 120 Million in 2022.

Large variety of Turkish spices, quality, and export oriented working of top spices manufacturers have made Turkey rank second in World’s spice exports.

Tufan Baharat is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Turkish made spices.

Sea Bass

In the aquaculture sector, sea bass remained the most exported fish species with an amount of 250 million Dollars and took its place at the top of Turkish aquaculture exports.

Importing Fresh or chilled sea bass from Turkey is a recommended business for our readers.

Nordzee is a top producer and exporter of sea bass from Turkey.

Sea Bream from Turkey

Sea Bream is another very popular fish to import from Turkey. In 2022 Sea Bream exports of Turkey reached 240 Million USD, by making Turkey second in World Sea Bream exports.

Frozen Fowls - Frozen Chicken

Frozen fowls, espcially frozen chicken is a very big export product of Turkey. Turkish frozen fowls exports have been second ranking in the World in 2022 by reaching an amount of USD 562 Million USD.

Beypilic, Beyza Pilic and many other top manufacturers and also several other manufacturers in Turkey expor frozen chicken..

Eggs (Fresh & Fertilised Eggs)

There are many large producers and exporters of eggs in Turkey. They usually have export products with special packaging.

Both fresh eggs, and fertilized eggs are being exported from Turkey. The total export value has been USD 400 Million in 2022. Turkey is World’s second biggest exporter of eggs.

Turem Eggs, and Afyon Yumurta are 2 companies who export eggs from Turkey.


Apple Juice

There are many great producers and exporters of juices. Apple juice is a top export product from Turkey,reaching an export value of 330 Million USD in 2022. Turkish apple juice export ranked third in the World. Check our post for best Turkish juice manufacturers.

Home Appliances

Turkish home appliances industry has many top exported products from small home appliances, to white goods. Brands like Beko, Arcelik & Vestel, and small home appliances brands and manufacturers like Arzum, and many more are operating in this sector.

There are also some great manufacturers who make appliances for World’s leading brands.

More Top Products to Import from Turkey are:

Find below a list of some other top Turkish products they are good to buy from Turkey and can be very profitable for importers.

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