Top Edgebanding Machines Manufacturers in Turkey

Turkey is home to several reputable edgebanding machine manufacturers along with countries like Germany, Italy, Taiwan.. Edgebanding machines manufacturers in Turkey are usually known for cost benefit when compared to German and Italian made edgebanders.

Edgebanding machines manufacturers in Turkey

Here are the top 10 Edgebanding Machines manufacturers in Turkey which you can trust.

What is an Edgebanding Machine?

an edgebander

An edgebanding machine is a woodworking machine used to apply edgebanding material to the edge of a panel or board.

Edgebanding is a process in which a strip of material is applied to the edge of a panel to cover the exposed end grain and create a seamless finish.

Edgebanding machines can apply edgebanding made from a variety of materials, including wood, PVC, and acrylic.

There are several different types of edgebanding machines, including portable hand-held models and larger stationary machines.

Edgebanding machines can be used in a variety of settings, including furniture manufacturing, cabinet making, and other woodworking applications.

They are designed to apply edgebanding quickly and accurately, with minimal waste and a high-quality finish.

10. Mim Ceko Edgebanding Machines

Edgebanding Machines Manufacturers in Turkey 1

Mim Ceko is Turkish edgebander and woodworking machines manufacturer based in Ankara.

Mim Ceko has been operating in the woodworking sector since 1976, works with determination and effort to meet the needs of the sector by increasing its production.

9. Oz Anadolu Makina

Oz Anadolu Makina Edgebanders

Since 1991 is a superior production quality and expand based on customer satisfaction and a professional staff of Edge Banding Cleaning machines Oz Anadolu Machine makes production in Turkey and overseas sales network covering every day.

Öz Anadolu Makina, which provides technical consultancy and quality control services in addition to production, continues its research and development activities in order to provide the best service.

Öz Anadolu Makina is a pioneer in its sector in terms of the quality it provides in service, research and development studies it continues, and commercially.

8. Hasdem Edgebanders

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Our company, which started its operations in 1992, continues to serve our esteemed customers with its mass production and retail sales department. We carry out our production in our factory with an area of 2250 m2. At the same time, we work with our experienced staff in our 800 m2 sales store in Ankara, with the understanding of always manufacturing and selling quality products in the machinery sector.

We aim to be the leader in our sector with the trust of furniture manufacturers. Together with our CE product marking, we offer ready-to-use products whose quality has been approved all over the world. We always work with the motto BEST PRODUCT – HIGH QUALITY.

7. Esmak Makine Edgebanding Machines Manufacturer

Esmak edgebader machines

Esmak Machinery is a Bursa Turkey based circular saws and edgebanding machines manufacturer known for affordable machines.

6. Unver Makina


We manufacture wood processing machines with 38 years of experience, following the industry standards, needs and technologies. Our products are innovative, top-quality and possess high efficiency.

The utmost quality and long lifespan result in the cost being returned many times over. All of our products are manufactured with CE Standards.

5. Hizmet Him Edge Banding Machines

Hizmet Him Makina Turkey edgebanders

Our company specializes in the production of edge banding machine tools for facing straight and curved edges of furniture parts.   We also manufacture machines for the removal of overhangs the edge material (curved edge trimming machine tools) and machines for gluing the elements of L-shaped profile that is used in the manufacture of doors and door frames.

Our distinguishing feature is a complete set of woodworking machines with all necessary options – multiple devices, components and equipment significantly expanded their technological capabilities.

4. Hasmak Machinery

Edgebanding Machines Manufacturers in Turkey 22

In 1998, Hasmak started to work in the machine industry with a hand mill machine. Today, Hasmak manufactures machines with CE standards and latest technological innovations for use in the furniture industry

3. Mizrak Machinery Turkey

Mizrak machinery edgebanding

Our company, Mızrak Makine, which stepped into the machinery sector with the production of planers in 1976, continues its activities in its factory in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, which is one of the largest organized industrial zones of our country.

Our company, which carries out its total quality practices and studies with great care in order to meet the high competition conditions brought by changing consumer behaviors in our facility that provides production and service in a closed area of ​​20000 m², continues its production in line with the superior standards it has determined without compromising its continuous quality policy.

2. Törk Makina Edgebanding Machines

Tork edgebanding machines supplier manufacturer Turkey

Having opened company’s first showroom in 1960 at Unkapanı, to meet the upcoming market demand, mass production started. Through the end of the 60’s company moved to its first facility in Kartal which still is a part of our production line even today. And with its quite deserved legendary name in Turkish Furniture Industry, our Tenoning and Thicknessing Machines were the new lines to be produced. In the beginning of 80’s, by extending its product range, company started the production of Planing machines.

End of 80’s were the days that panel furniture production wave was spreading to the world. Due to consumer demands, besides the conventional machine production, company added the panel furniture machines to its production range and started export operations. End of 80’s Spindle Moulders, early 90’s Panel Saws and late 90’s were the years Edgebanders joined to the product range.

Today company has third generation in charge. Producing machines in its 23.000 m2 factory with technological solution partnerships and co-productions in cooperation with German and Italian companies. With given partnerships, company is producing Industrial  high-tech Panel Beam Saw Machines with Process Automation, Panel Saws, CNC Drilling an and Industrial Edgebanders.

1. Turanlar Woodworking Machinery

Edgebanding Machines Manufacturers in Turkey 30

Since 1958 TURANLAR MACHINERY Inc., with the possibilities and information provided to customers, creates collaboration platforms in Turkey and in the world, with more than 30 dealers worldwide and about 35,000 machines in 102 countries, continues to grow.

Designed and developed  by Turkish engineers,  the first high-tech panel sizing, edge banding, post-forming, press, drilling machines and more, Turanlar is proud to make  domestic production in Turkey.

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