Top 10 Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

There are many high quality and reliable faucet manufacturers. 

We list here top faucet manufacturers in Turkey for importers.

Turkish Taps can be found in many styles and qualities at various price ranges.

If you are looking for reliable Turkish manufacturers and suppliers of faucets and taps from Turkey, the faucet manufacturing companies listed here will be very useful to you.

Turkish faucet manufacturers exported about 380 Million Usd in 2020.

The top faucet importing countries have been:

  • Iraq
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Egypt
  • Azerbaijan
  • UAE
  • United States
  • Uzbekistan
  • Morocco

See  below the faucet manufacturer companies in Turkey and contact them to get quotations.

Top Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey

1) KAS Faucets

Kas faucets Turkey

Turkish Faucet Manufacturer

KAS brand belongs to Kayalar Group, manufactures Faucets in Turkey. The company started its facilities in 1970. Thay offer many types and styles of faucets like gold faucet series.

Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey (Best Turkish Taps Manufacturers) 1
Side lever Applique Faucet

2) Guven Faucets Manufacturer Istanbul Turkey

Guven Faucet manufacturer Istanbul turkey

Guven Faucet Manufactures:

  • Mix Type Faucets
  • Ottoman Style Taps
  • Turkish Taps
  • Single Entry Mix Taps
  • Garden taps
  • Angel Valves
  • Sink Faucets
  • Washbasin Faucets
  • Shower Systems

Guven Faucet is one of the faucet and taps manufacturers and exporters in Turkey.

It was founded in 1969 in Umraniye Istanbul.

We are exporting our products to many countries in the world. including Europe, Asian, Middle East, Russian republics.

All our products are made in Turkey and certified by ISO 9001 and TSE quality standards.

All our products are being tested before packing. We are so proud of our costumers satisfaction.

3) Kare Faucets

Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey (Best Turkish Taps Manufacturers) 2

Kale Faucet Manufactures:

  • Taps
  • Angle Valves
  • Decorative Angle Valves
  • Shower Sets
  • Shower heads
  • Shower Houses
  • Kitchen Faucets
  • Basin faucets

KARE faucet was established under the name of “Kayalar Faucet” in 1973 by Mustafa Kaya in Istanbul / Turkey.

In 1980, Kare Batarya started to sell own in Turkey. In 1996, Kare Batarya patented the names Kar®, Kare®, Yalcin®. Kare Batarya has got TSE –CE certificates.

The Kare Batarya has established the CNC machine system for quality and modern production in 2002.

Nowadays; Kare Batarya has got 2 factories of totaly 3100 m2 in Istanbul. One of them is in Uskudar – Istanbul ( 2000 m2 assembling line,warehouse,sales and manegement) , second of them is in Bayrampaşa- Istanbul (production lines 1100 m2).

Kare Batarya exports to 13 countries in the world. Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Ghana ,Sudan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Russia , North Cyprus and Morocco

4) LPD Faucets

In 1994, LDP started its activities by producing Ottoman faucets, hardware materials and marine materials in Karaköy Persembe Market. In the following years, it expanded its production and entered the production of antique faucets, taps and chrome products.

Especially for Ottoman faucets and antique taps models, LDP is the place to look at.

5) Albera Faucets

Albera Armatur is a Turkish faucets manufacturer based in Basaksehir Istanbul.

Their line of products include medical, industrial faucets and more..



6) Topsan Faucets

Topsan faucets turkey

Topsan Manufactures:

  • Mixers
  • Classic Faucets
  • Industrial Faucets
  • Single Faucets
  • Shower Sets
  • Garden Taps
  • Valves & Parts of Faucets

Topsan first started its activities in 1979 in a 10 sqm workshop in Istanbul.

Topsan now offers more than 100 products in their range and exports to many countries.

7) Ar Muslukculuk

Faucet Manufacturers in Turkey (Best Turkish Taps Manufacturers) 4

Ar Manufactures:

  • Basin Mixers
  • Bath Mixers
  • Sink Mixers
  • Shower Mixers
  • Shower Systems
  • Taps
  • Complementary Products

Company carries out its production activities with its assembly line installed in İstanbul Maltepe. Performing majority of sales of its products through ELMOR A.Ş., which is the sales-marketing company of the ELGİNKAN COMMUNITY, AR MUSLUKÇULUK also reaches the entire Turkey with its own sales organization. Company produces single and double handle standard armatures, mixed armatures, various taps, top sets, inner sets and siphons, together with investment and workforce support of the community and sub-industry. Performing manufacturing in qualities and features demanded by consumer without compromising on the quality perception of the group and functionality at all, the company takes its position in the market with its TSE product quality certified AR and YAK brands.

8) Arsu Sanitary Ware

Arsu faucets

Arsu Manufactures:

  • TAPS

Arsu Sanitary Ware is established by Osman MEYDANCI in 1980.

Faucets, taps, shower sets, angle valves and complementary function materials are produced by experienced staff at Arsu Sanitary Ware in Sultangazi Location.

9) ECA

ECA, together with Sefrel is one of the top brands in Turkey, in sanitary ware industry. A part of Elginkan Group, ECA has much more than faucets. Actually faucest and shower systems are only a small part og the brand.

Ar Musluk in our list also is the part of the same group.


The best known and most premium brand of faucets in Turkey is Artema.

Belonging to one of the Turkey’s leading groups Eczacibasi, Artema is an old and very popular brand in this industry.

If you look for a premium product, you should first look at Artema in Turkey.

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