Gas Spring Manufacturers in Turkey: Top 13 Verified Companies

gas spring is a pneumatic spring that relies on potential energy of contained and sealed gas within an enclosed cylinder. Also known as: Gas Shock Absorbers.

They are used in many industries like automotive, furniture and medical.

Gas spring manufacturers in Turkey offers a variety of products and export to many countries worldwide.
This is a list of Turkish gas spring manufacturers.

The companies are usually located in Bursa Province of Turkey, which is around 1 hour driving distance from Istanbul.Also some other shock absorber manufacturers exist in Cities like Konya, Kayseri, Istanbul & Ankara. 

Gas spring manufacturers in Turkey
Despa Gas springs Bursa Turkey

Despa is a Gas Springs Manufacturer in Turkey

Established since 1990, DESPA OTOMOTIV is committed to deliver competitive products and services to our customers. As a leader company in implementing ISO 9001:2000 in this sector in Turkey since 1998 and as an ISO TS/ 16949:2002 certified company, DESPA produces high quality gas springs and connection parts for domestic and foreign markets. We export 70% of our production mainly to Europe, also North American countries, Brazil, Middle East, Russia, North Africa, south-eastern Asia, etc. The gas springs we manufacture have various technical applications in all branches of industry. Despa products are used both, as original parts in bus and agricultural machinery production as well as in automotive aftermarket. Within Automotive Industry our products are used on most of car brands applied to vehicles tailgates and bonnets, bus luggage door and seats, service trucks, motorhomes, caravan side panels, and many other places according to customers request. In furniture Industry our products can be applied on cabinets, drawers, wall beds, chairs, office chairs, swivel chairs, folding beds, sofa bed, as well as in leisure products such as exercise equipment. Furthermore, our gas springs are also used for medical equipment manufacturing, Industrial/Agricultural machinery and tractor cabins.

Products of Despa

  • Standard Gas Springs
  • Traction Gas Springs
  • Mechanical Safety Lock
  • Plastic Protection Cover
  • Hydraulic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Pressure Adjustable Gas
Despa gas spring applications

By using the contact form to the right, you can send your inquiry easily to Despa Gas Springs Company. 

2) Manksan

Manksan has been manufacturing gas springs since 1994 in Bursa Turkey.

Gas Spring Manufacturers in Turkey 1

3) Turkas Gas Springs

Established in 2003 with more than 25 years of industry experince in Bursa/Turkey.

Turkas is a leading manufacturer of Gas Springs, Block-lifts for several industrial sectors. From incoming process of materials through shipment to truck, Turkas maintains the highest quality control of the entire manufacturing processes.   

Turkas is actively supplying many industry segments especially Automotive, Truck&Bus, Heavy Duty, Agricultural machines, and Industrial sectors. We are specialized in providing  joint-development in accordance with the requirement of our customers.  The experienced and dynamic staff understand the industries’ quality and technology standards.

4) Gaysan Amortisor / Istanbul

Gaysan has been engaged in gas springs manufacturing since 1982. Being the first and the biggest gas springs manufacturer in its region, Gaysan delivers advanced technological solutions to almost every type of industry. In Turkey, as well as beyond its borders, the world famous producers in automotive, machine building, furniture, and other industries use Gaysan gas springs as original parts in their production.

Hydro-pneumatic gas springs are suitable for lifting, counterbalance, damping effect purposes. They have a lot of advantages over traditional mechanical springs, some of which include: speed curve selection (linear, progressive, and regressive), easy installation, lockable at desired position, damped motion, etc. Gas springs consist of a tube, filled with compressed nitrogen inside, and a piston rod with piston assembled on it. Internal pressure, created by compressed nitrogen acts as a force in extension direction when the rod is pushed inside the tube. The charged amount of nitrogen depends on required extension force and application requirements. Gas springs are usually installed with piston rod pointing downwards to maximize damping effect and lubrication of inside parts.


5) Gasan

Gasan® Shock Absorber Gas Ltd. Sti. was established in Bursa in 2010


  • Luggage Shock Absorbers
  • Medical Shock Absorbers
  • Kitchen Gas springs
  • Blocklift Shock Absorbers

6) Destek Amortisor

Destek develops and manufactures gas springs, dampers and position adjustment products for everything that needs to be lifted, lowered, moved and set into position– in machines, medical equipment, vehicles, furniture, etc.

Destek develops and manufactures gas springs, dampers and position adjustment products for everything that needs to be lifted, lowered, moved and set into position– in machines, medical equipment, vehicles, furniture, etc.

Destek Gas Springs Bura Turkey

7) TunaLift

Tunalift Gas Springs started its industry adventure in early 70s by the production of machining products for gas springs and various fields of industry. Our early gas spring production steps started in 1992.

Day after day we improved our manufacturing technologies and machinery equipments and caught world standards. In 2008 we started exporting our products to european countries and established our export company Tunatek Ltd. Co. for organizing our all export operations. Nearly a quarter century of experience in gas spring production ensures us self-confidence to provide our products all high level markets.

8) Utilkar

9) Ozyigit Gas Springs Sakarya Turkey

10) Nam Amortisor Ankara

11) TSTlift

TST Lift manufactures Gas Springs for Automotive, Furniture, Medical and Commefcial Vehicles for about 20 years.

Operates in Bursa Turkey.

12) Ibisa Gas Springs / Konya

IBISA Otomotiv San. A.Ş., which analyzes the needs of the automotive sector and adopts professional service to its customers as a principle. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Although it is a new company yet; automotive, furniture, agricultural tools and machinery industries, such as the production of all kinds of gas shock absorbers has become a company that sets the quality standards.

13) Flexlift / Kayseri Turkey

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