10 Best Press Manufacturers in Turkey

Press Manufacturers in Turkey listed in 2 main groups on this page;

  1. Hydraulic Press Manufacturers in Turkey
  2. Eccentric Press Manufacturers in Turkey

Best Turkish Press Manufacturers List

See the list of Best Hydraulic Press Manufacturers in Turkey first and then eccentric presses below…

Hydraulic Press Manufacturers in Turkey

Top Hydraulic Press Manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Ozkoc Hydraulic Presses
  2. Yoruk Hydraulic
  3. Hursan Press
  4. Ozkan Press
  5. Alpa Makina
  6. Yucel Makina

See the details of Companies engaged in manufacturing of hydraulic presses in Turkey as follows:

Ozkoc Hydraulic Press Manufacturer in Turkey

Ozkoc Hydraulic Press Manufacturers

Ozkoc Press, the pioneer of hydraulic press production in Turkey, which started production in Istanbul in 1964, continues to produce state-of-the-art Hydraulic Presses for its customers in Turkey and abroad in its Hadımköy Istanbul factory, which has a closed area of ​​10.000 m².

With all kinds of spinning, form, cutting and hot press production up to 70 tons – 7000 tons, wherever there is a need for a hydraulic press, Ozkoc does not offer only presses, but solutions with its 58 years of experience and its R&D unit, which follows the latest technologies and works with the philosophy of continuous improvement. 


  • Cold Presses
    • Spinning Press
    • Casting Press
    • Crushing Press
    • Cutting Press
    • Form Press
    • Hydroforming Press
  • Hot Presses
    • Silicone Baking Press
    • Brake Lining Press
    • Melamine Press
    • Composite Press
    • Ballistic Composite Press
    • Smc & Bmc Press
    • Laboratory Press
  • Transfer Presses
    • Transfer Press
    • Specially Applied Presses
    • Automation Solutions

Yoruk Hydraulic Presses

Yoruk Hydraulic Presses

Yoruk Hidrolik is a Hydraulic Press manufacturer located in Ankara Turkey, was founded in 1980.

Yoruk Hydraulic has a production area of 8000 sqm to manufacture various types of hydraulic presses between 80 and 1000 Tons.


  • Monoblock Hydraulic Presses
  • Column Type Hydraulic Presses
  • SMC Presses
  • Rubber Presses
  • C Type Presses

Hursan Press

Hursan Press

Hursan Press was founded in 1976 in Konya Turkey. A leading hydraulic press manufacturer exporting its products to more than 45 countries in 5 continents.


  • Special Deep Drawing Presses
  • Deep Drawing Presses
  • Ship Construction Presses
  • Sheet Metal Forming Presses
  • C Type Presses
  • Rubber Curing Presses
  • Workshop Presses with Table
  • Workshop Presses
  • Die Exercising Presses
  • Trim Presses
  • Servo Presses

Ozkan Press

Ozkan hydraulic presses

Ozkan Press is an Istanbul based pioneer hydraulic press manufacturers exporting to many countries. The hydraulic presses manufactured are up to 2000 tons.

Alpa Makina

Alpa Makina

ALPA Hydraulic Machinery Industry Ltd was established in Istanbul in 1979 and commenced production of hydraulic press within the same year.

Whereas ALPA produced only Melamine and Bakelite presses initially, it commenced to render service to tannery sector. ALPA has produced various hydraulic presses in the course of time.


 Transfer and compression type presses and plasticizing units for thermosets
(Bakelite, Melamine, etc.)
• Deep drawing presses for sheet metal forming
• Rubber and tire vulcanization presses
• Leather Ironing and embossing presses
• Transfer presses
• Composite Presses
• Printing Embossing Presses
• Polyester Presses
• Extrusion presses
• Compressed wood presses
• Form presses
• Metal Forming Presses
• Hydroforming Presses
• Automatic feeding and stripped equipped compression moulding presses
• Polyurethane presses
• Electrode presses
• Automatic Feeding Salt Block Presses
• Pre-Plasticizing unit for thermosets
• Various special purpose hydraulic presses

Yucel Makina Hydraulic Presses Manufacturer Turkey

Yucel hydraulic Press

Yucel Makina Hydraulic Press Ltd. has been serving to Turkey’s and the world industry for 30 years . With its experience and manufacturing plant supplying goods in requested mould dimensions, Yucel Makina has been exporting 30 countries.

We provide you with not only constant and problem-free manufacturing areas but also with goods of high quality and authorized service staff.

Eccentric Press Manufacturers in Turkey

Best Eccentric Press Manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Dirinler Press
  2. Erkekoglu Press
  3. Elmali Machinery
  4. Teknik Eccentric Press
  5. Ales Press
  6. Germak Machine

See the details of Companies engaged in manufacturing of eccentric presses in Turkey as follows:

Dirinler Machinery - Eccentric Press Manufacturer

Dirinler Eccentric Presses Mechanical Press Manufacturers in Turkey

Dirinler Makina was founded in 1952. Dirinler Makina is producing metal forming presses in various capacities and dimensions.

Dirinler Press is a leading manufacturers of eccentric presses in Turkey.


  • Eccentric Presses
  • knuckle joint, link drive, servo and hydraulic presses available in C-Frame as well as H-frame construction up to 3.000 tons capacity. 

Erkekoglu Eccentric Presses

Erkekoglu Press Istanbul Turkey

Erkekoglu Press is Turkeyt’s one of the top mechanical press manufacturers for over 50 years.

They make C type and H type eccentric presses mainly howeever, they can provide custom solutions to its customers.

Elmali Eccentric Presses

Elmali Press

ELMALI Makina was established to produce sheet metal processing machines (press) in Konya with more than 30 years of experience.


Teknik Eccentric Presses

Teknik Press

Teknik Pres was established in 1992 to produce high quality mechanical presses and press feeding systems for industry . Our company has been developing and producing projects according customer needs within its customer-oriented working system.

Today our firm reached the high quality of production with manufacturing up to 1000 Tons mechanical presses , de-coillers, straighteners and roller feeds. Ultimately , our design press machines have been proven our knowledge and experience in the press
manufacturing sector.

Ales Press

Teknik Press

Having had an experience in the process of machining since four generations, Ales Pres today continues to manufacture presses in 13 000 m2 closed area along with its 150 experienced staff.


Germak Makina - Mechanical Press Manufacturer

Germak Press

Germak Machine has a large product range and has been producing eccentric presses and presses with air clutch from 30 tons to 1000 tons.


Pressan Makina

Tunc Makina Eccentric Press Manufacturer Turkey

Erturk Machine