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Top 10 B2B Sites (Marketplaces and Directories) : Best B2B Platforms for Manufacturers and Exporters in 2022




Choosing the right online b2b websites, marketplaces to join and invest is a hard process most of the time. It may depend on many factors and also may be very tricky to find the appropriate platform.

And it is not a surprise that this task of finding the right place is just the beginning. Then you will have to add good company profile, and products in such a way that this process would bring your company more visibility and finally more customers.

I have to add that your industry is very important as well while selecting the best b2b marketpalces or b2b directories to get your company listed. The b2b platforms like industrystock and directindustry are for industrial products and machinery, the platforms like alibaba is for all industries from food, and machinery, electronics to fashion. You can find, for example, b2b directories or marketplaces for especially food & beverages, or some dedicated b2b wholesale fashion directories.

The quality b2b directories like thomasnet, or some smaller and industry specific ones are also good places to add your business since buyers are also searching to find new suppliers listed on these sites. ( Getting backlinks to your own site from directories still a good thing in my opinion)

With my experience of more than 10 years in b2b marketplaces and also by checking the current trends, I prepared for you a list of 10 b2b marketplaces, that you will need to choose the most suitable ones for your product group, keywords and company in general.

In the meantime, b2b stands for business to business, and our goal here is reaching to more international customers for our products and generating targeted leads.

Tip #1 : Do a search first for your most important keywords that define your products best, and see which b2b website ranks better in search results.

For example, let us assume that I am looking for finding a b2b directory or marketplace for my company engaged in gas springs manufacturing and export.

How to find a good b2b site to fit my business by using google?

I have selected Google Germany for my purpose, and by opening an incognito window in Chrome, and entering first and then, I am now ready to make a search. For highly targeted visitors who are looking for manufacturers like our company, I will try to search for: gas spring manufacturers

Now I check the first related results and find out which b2b site is best for me.

Here I would choose the 3rd result which is since it fits to my situation.

You can try this for your main products.

Here is the list of 10 b2b websites which ranks better for different type of machines. They also have good reputation and really much visitors.

Top 10 B2B Sites

1. (The largest b2b website) the biggest b2b marketplace for exporters and importers is the most recognized brand in b2b marketplaces for exporters and importers.

Launched in 1999, is the leading b2b marketplace for global wholesale trade. Alibaba serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world.

My opinion is; is good in case your company is a small or medium sized company. Inside alibaba, competition is high for all categories. So you need to work hard to create really good profile and product pages to get most benefits.


2. Global B2B Marketplace 


eWorldTrade is one of the leading names in the global b2b industry, offering its users the opportunity to connect with millions of buyers, sellers, wholesalers, vendors, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers. This particular online b2b platform is famous because of many reasons however, two of these reasons are highly significant:

1) They offer all their seller’s buyer lists, helping them increase their sales and revenues in the easiest and the most efficient manner;

2) Eworldtrade offer an extensive range of products to its users. You name a product and you’ll find hundreds and thousands of organizations trading it, on the platform, which also includes machinery, electronics, crude oil, and even gold.


3. (One of the best ones for especially Indian companies)

Indiamart is a huge b2b marketplace and highly successful in seo

Indiamart is a good place to give a chance. For many machinery related searches they rank very well. So a good chance for you to get customers on their platform.

They describe themselves as:

IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers. With 60% market share of the online B2B Classified space in India, the channel focuses on providing a platform to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises as well as individuals. Founded in 1999, the company’s mission is ‘to make doing business easy’.


Direct Industry is a great b2b platform for machinery suppliers. It is dedicated to industrial goods like machines...
Direct Industry

Direct Industry is a part of Virtual Expo Group which focus on industrial goods like machines, and it is a really good platform in terms of Google ranking and targeted visitors.

You need to pay a cost for membership, and not very cheap. However, some of leading companies in machinery and industrial goods sectors are already on Direct Industry. You should try to join this platform and do your best to get maximum benefits out of it.

“CLOSE TO FOUR MILLION buyers source products on DirectIndustry every month. 45% of leads received through DirectIndustry end in a purchase or serious negotiation within 8 days.”

This is what they say about themselves…


Europages is one of yhe oldest and best b2b platforms to join in 2019
Europages B2B Platform

One of the oldest and biggest in the World, still in 2020. A large b2b platform for all type of goods.

Europages offered in 26 languages.

EUROPAGES helps small businesses
to be found on the European market

An UK based company and their main company link:

You should add your company into europages directory, so you can at least get a valuable link to your website.

  • 2,400,000buyers every month
  • 15 languages
  • 3,000 +new company profiles every month

6. Industry Stock

A machinery and industry specific b2b platform marketplace to give a try
Industry Stockh

Here you can check stats of is a b2b platform for companies engaged in machines and industrial goods business. For machine manufacturers, industrial supplies manufacturers it is a good place to give a try.

A Germany based b2b company, describes themselves, and services as follows:

IndustryStock – The knowledge portal for industry

IndustryStock is steadily expanding its portfolio and evolving into a global knowledge and networking platform for employees and managers of industrial enterprises.

Products and Services

  • Worldwide supplier directory for industrial products
  • Specialized search engine for manufacturers of industrial products
  • Advertising medium for the industry
  • Online marketing tool (awareness, branding and SEO)
  • Global job board specifically for engineers
  • PR portal for industrial companies
  • News aggregator for industrial topics
  • e-Newsletter for industrial companies


iqsdirectory is a b2b directory for manufacturers. It is not a b2b marketplace. Good for OEM Market and the Manufacturing Industry.

It is a USA based directory active since 2000.

8. Thomasnet

Serving as a b2b platform & directory Thomasnet is a US based site having:

  • 500,000+ Detailed Supplier Profiles
  • 300,000+ Articles & Whitepapers
  • 6 Million+ Industrial Products
  • 10 Million+ 2D & 3D CAD Drawings

Join industry’s largest and most active buying community.

If your job is to find and select suppliers for industrial products and services, the platform provides the tools and information you need to get the job done right. Register for free, and access the full power of this one-of-a-kind resource.





9. Made-in-China

It is good and one of the oldest b2b websites for Chinese companies.

10. Globalsources

Another b2b website for finding Chinese products and companies for importing.

11. TaiwanTrade


Consider Also These Sites:





There are many b2b platforms in the world. Many are very old and well known. However, They do not offer anything special or any serious business any more.

We may have missed some very important one or made a mistake, please advise your comments. And which other platform you think may deserve to be in top 10?

Wholesale Platforms:


SeeBizSeeBiz is an online wholesale platform that serves its users with thousands of trusted vendors and over 650,000 products.
It is a business networking platform created for wholesalers, by wholesalers.
Here, the user can connect with manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers related to all kinds of industries.
By registering for free, users can connect with top US vendors to conduct business at the best prices.
SeeBiz lets users connect and share with a vibrant wholesale community, all while saving a great deal of time and money.
In this way, SeeBiz can enable your wholesale business to forge reliable relationships with other wholesale stakeholders.

gK B2B Fashion Directory 

B2B fashion directory site

For Clothing wholesalers, Jewelry Wholesale suppliers and B2B fashion vendors our directory is a good place to acquire new customers. Thousands of boutiques owners visit our directory pages to find reliable wholesale fashion vendors every month.


List of Other Top B2b Sites


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