Top Hospital Beds Manufacturers in Turkey

Patient Beds / Intensive Care Beds / Electrical Hospital Beds & Mechanical Hospital Beds Manufacturers & Exporters from Turkey

In this list of Top Hospital Beds Manufacturers in Turkey, we carefully selected most reliable manufacturing and exporting companies who supply hospital beds of many types to tens of countries worldwide.

The covered products are:

  • Curative Care Beds
  • Rehabilitative Care Beds
  • Long-term Care Beds
  • Intensive Care Beds
  • and other types of hospital beds

Hospital beds are usually made in the following forms:

  • Electrical Hospital Beds
  • Mechanical Hospital Beds

Electrical beds can be single motor, 2 motors, 3 motors, 4 motors .. and may incorporate various electronic controls and fearures..


Top Hospital Beds Manufacturers in Turkey

In Turkey there are many  manufacturers however we present here only the top ones in terms of reliability and capabilities to export..

Check out the list of manufacturers of hospital beds below and contact them for quotations. You can use contact forms for fast response..

#1 Meysa Medical Devices / Meissa Hospital Beds

Meysa Medical Devices Company operates in Kayseri Turkey for manufacturing and exporting of mainly Hospital Beds, Intensive Care Beds. Meysa makes Hospital furniture under brand name Meissa being a top supplier for Turkish market, also is an importanrt exporter of hospital beds.

Electrical patient beds manufacturers


#2 Medikal 2000 Medical Devices & Hospital Beds

Medikal 2000 hospital beds medical devices Konya Turkey

Medikal 2000 Company was established in 1998 as the first company manufacturer of hospital beds in TURKEY. Medikal 2000 Company joined SARAYLI Group in 2014. Today, the company is mainly focusing on designing, manufacturing and marketing of hospital furniture. Headquarters with R&D, production, sales, marketing and after-sales service functions is located in Konya/ TURKEY. Our products are sold in more than 85 countries all over the world.

Medical hospital bed, patient bed, medical patient bed, Emergency response stretcher, operating room transfer stretcher, medical stretcher, Medicine car, medical medicine car, emergency car, drug treatment car, anesthesia car, dressing car, Medical dining table, patient dining table, IV Stand, Patient transport chair, companion seat, Gynecological examination table, delivery bed, gynecology tables, gynecology examination chair, Medical mattress, Whatnot, medical whatnot, food tray whatnot, Examination table, podiatry, baby examination trolley with scale, metal examination table, motorized examination table

Electrical hospital bed

Electrical hospital beds, Mechanical hospital beds, Patient Beds

#3 Mespa Health

With more than 30 years of experience in healthcare field, MESPA manufactures hospital beds and equipment as one of the leading companies in the sector.

MESPA can produce to all problems in the sector with the experience gained over the years, MESPA carries the future technology today with its R&D unit, and can carry out advanced technology production by closely following the technological developments in the health sector. MESPA is one the well-known and trusted companies in international market by providing different and innovative solutions to regional needs.

MESPA aims to provide a quality life with advanced technology to health professionals, patients and their relatives by recognizing that the sector requires thoroughness and care.

Mespa patient beds
  • Hospital Beds
  • Patient Room Accessories
  • Pediatric Beds
  • Delivery Beds & Gynaecology Tables
  • Strechers & Patient Transfer & Blood Drawing Chairs
  • Medical Carts

#4 Maxicare Medical / Hetech Hospital Furniture & Equipment

Maxicare Medical is situated in Izmir Turkey, manufactures hospital furniture, hospital beds, patient care beds in 2000 sqm factory.

Hetech brand is for export of their hospital furnitures. Hetech exports hospital beds and homecare patient beds to about 20 countries.

Top Hospital Beds Manufacturers in Turkey ( Patient Beds, Intensive Care Beds) 3

Hospital Beds, Stretchers,  Armchairs, Examination & Therapy Tables, Bedside Tables & Cabinets, Baby Cots, Medical Trolleys, Stainless Steel Equipment, Other Hospital Equipment, Homecare Beds, Mattresses

#5 Nitrocare Hospital Beds & Care Beds

NITROCARE was established in 2009 on the purpose of producing hospital furnitures and medical equipment within the body of Gökler Group, which spreads from Sivas to Turkey, from Turkey to the world step by step and has been serving for over 20 years in the sector.

Nitrocare managed to rank among the leader producers in the sector, by increasing its production capacity day by day with its high technology machine park at 60.000mindoor areas.

Top Hospital Beds Manufacturers in Turkey ( Patient Beds, Intensive Care Beds) 4

Hospital Beds, Stretchers,  Care Beds, Patient Transport Chairs, Gynaecological Examination Tables, Blood Donor Chair, Dialysis seats, Medicine And Treatment Carts

#6 Mone Medical

Mone Medical INC. was established in Corum / TURKEY in 2007 and started manufacturing a wide variety of products for both domestic and international medical markets. Mone INC. has drawn on its highquality production experience that it has gained delivering top quality products in the medical sector.In order to produce high-tech products, Mone Medical INC. partnered with PYRAWORK MEDICAL SYSTEMS for their expert personnel,experienced staff and industrial tooling. Mone Medical INC. was established in Corum / TURKEY in 2007 and started manufacturing a wide variety of products for both domestic and international medical markets. Mone INC. has drawn on its highquality production experience that it has gained delivering top quality products in the medical sector.In order to produce high-tech products, Mone Medical INC. partnered with PYRAWORK MEDICAL SYSTEMS for their expert personnel,experienced staff and industrial tooling.
Vigorously monitoring changes and embarking ın new developments, PYRAWORK has became one of the leadinng brands in medical sector. Our aim is to bring PYRAWORK’s products,which meet international standarts, to the medical sector worldide. Most of our products patterns are desinged by our R-D deparment and then produced at our Mone complex which allows us to quickly provide alternative solutions to our customer needs.
By making customer satisfaction our priority,and by manufacturing top quality products, Mone is achieving its goal of competing on the World stage.We are grateful to our doctors,customers,staff members,suppliers and all of our friends in medical industry for their inspiration and helping us to succeed in this demanding market.

Mone Medical hospital beds and equipment

Operating Table & Light, Room Accessories, Hospital Beds, Medical Cart, Medical Chair, Medical Exam Table, Paediatric Exam Table, Stretchers

#7 Polymetal Trinodal Healthcare Equipment / Electronic & Manual Hospital Beds

TRINODAL is the registered healthcare trade mark of Polymetal Inc., a leading global mold & plastic injection company since 1963. POLYMETAL has developed expertise in design, prototyping and manufacturing services according to market demands. Our R&D Department aim is to provide full solution from the customer’s idea to the product by applying reverse-engineering.

The Company POLYMETAL has invested heavily over the past decade in healthcare field beside automotive and defense. TRINODAL is the healthcare part of Polymetal Inc. The company’s success is based on its experiences in R&D, molding and  plastic injection. For us, it is possible to start working from an idea.

In order to develop TRINODAL trade mark in healthcare market, Polymetal uses all its experience and power. TRINODAL is an innovative provider of medical technologies for health care industry such as hospital beds, stretchers, bedside cabinets, examination couches…

Our Research & Development team focuses on the idea as a case study to develop a functional and cost-effective final product by looking after customers’ benefits.

electronic hospital beds Turkey


#8 Optium Healthcare Products

Optium Healthcare Products Inc. is the leading manufaturer and innovator of hospital furniture in Turkey. We manufacture comfortable, longlife healthcare furniture solutions to medical environments and provide flexibility to caregivers and patient with cost/quality effective products. We manufacture durable, hygienic & reconfigurable products.

We develop useful solutions, provide studies, consulting services and the complete range of medical equipment adapted to end users’ needs, along with all services related to these projects: installation, acceptance and assistance to startup, training and maintenance.

Along with middle-east market success, Optium Healthcare Products Inc. has an increasing interest to the brand from respective clients world-wide. Expanding the success to Far Asia, South America, Europe, Africa and Northern America with the innovative Hospital bed (electronic bed and manual bed), Delivery beds, stretchers, Pediatric Beds, Attendant couch,Patient Transfer chairs and Stainless steel products, we have a great deal attention from caregivers and health professionals.

Optium Healthcare hospital beds and furniture

Electrical Beds, Mechanic Beds, Pediatric Beds,Bedside Cabinets & Overbed Tables,Delivery Beds & Gynecology Tables,Stretchers, Chairs, Medical Carts, Examination Tables, Matresses, Attendant Couches & Waiting Room Seats

#9 LineaLife Medical Furniture & Equipment Manufacturer

Monotime Mobilya San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. company was founded in 2016, contributed LINEALIFE brand which is Turkish medical industy leading position in his area with over 40 years experience.

With the principle of happy employees – happy customers , the environment , natural resources and most importantly respect for labor , technological and social developments by closely following the investments continues.

Our company , which has signed many hospital projects in Turkey and abroad , has an average of 1000 Electric Patient Care Beds productioncapacity with its young and dynamic staff.

We are at more than 50 countnies over the World, and located in the city hospitalsin Turkey , Also many government / private hospitals .

Hospital bed with motor


#10 Promek Medical

Promek Medical founded in Izmir Turkey in 2012.

Promek is one of the top Turkish manufacturers of hospital furniture and equipment who mainly supplies:

  • Wooden Hospital Beds
  • Mechanical Hospital Beds
  • Hospital Beds With Columns
  • Hospital Beds With Two Motors
  • Hospital Beds With Three Motors
  • Hospital Beds With Four Motors
  • Emergency Stretchers
  • General Purpose Stretchers
  • Transfer Stretchers

#11 Deval Medical

Deval Medical was established in Izmir province of Turkey in 2013 having a manufacturing site of 12.000 sqm, and exporting hospital beds and furniture to many countries worldwide.

Cyurently Deval Medical has representatives in 16 countries and aims to expand its markets by hard work and innovation.


Why You Should Choose Turkish Hospital Beds Manufacturers?

Turkey has a dynamic and well established business environment, has been improving its position among the emerging economies constantly, has also a powerful manufacturing industry offering almost all types of products.

Due to the fact that, It has a very starategic location between Mid-East and Europe, and having a young population Turkey can offer very good opoortunities for importers of goods across the World.

Turkish Hospital and medical furniture manufacturers export products costing around USD 50 Million annualy at the moment and the numbers are in a trend to increase to put Turkey among the top exporting countries in near future.

Main strengths Turkish hospital beds and furniture manufacturers have are:

  • Probably the Best Price/performance ratio 
  • Products in International standards 
  • Fast delivery times
  • Quick response to demands
  • Good Road Transport infrastructure 
  • Many ports and shipping available to almost all countries…