Top 28 Turkish Hazelnut Exporters & Suppliers

Top 28 Turkish Hazelnut Exporters 1

Here we list the top 28 hazelnut exporters in Turkey. Reliable exporters of Turkish hazelnut can be seen here and can be contacted easily.

Turkey is the number 1  hazelnut producer and exporter in the World. 75% of World’s hazelnut is supplied by Turkish hazelnut producers and exporters

In this post we will cover the facts and many aspects of Turkish Hazelnuts

Also we list the top Turkish Hazelnut Exporters and producers with company names, and contact details. If you want to import hazelnuts all you need to know is here..

Top Turkish Hazelnut Exporters



About Company

Being one of the leading companies in its sector in Turkey, ARSLANTURK takes its place among the hazelnut industry with the size of its plants and technology.

A contemporary production and operation approach is dominant at ARSLANTURK. The “Just in Time” production approach expresses the adjustment of the production amount at the plant in a quick manner depending upon the market conditions. “Just in Time” production approach facilitates to an instant reaction to the sudden changes in the world’s market. This approach provides important advantages for the company in terms of main inputs such as raw material, employment, storage and distribution. The benefit of this approach for the consumers is the availability of ARSLANTURK products in a high quality everywhere, all the time and very freshly.

Aydın Kuruyemis Sanayi

About Company

Established as a local family business in 1979 in Siirt, Aydın Kuruyemiş chose Istanbul, a world city, as its headquarters in the upcoming years. Today, Aydın Kuruyemiş maintains its production in plants located around Turkey, and has positioned itself among the companies sought in its industry both domestically and internationally thanks to its successful history and sense of operating without sacrificing quality.

Aysan Hazelnut

About Company

Aydin family has been in the hazelnut business for the last five generations and founded the Aysan Company in 1984. In 1994, The Company moved to their own facilities within the Ordu Industrial Zone.

Aysan Ltd. is focusing only on hazelnut and products, such as hazelnut with shell, kernels of hazelnut, roasted, blanched,sliced,flour,mash being produced by Aysan Ltd.

Aysan Ltd. is the leading exporter of hazelnut oil for many years.

Basaran Gida

About Company

The foundation of Başaran was laid in Trabzon by Yakup Başaran in 1930. This initiative that started with hazelnut trade made Başaran into a factory in 1954. Başaran was among the first hazelnut exporters in Turkey. By 1960, Faruk Başaran took over the business, and the corporation continued to grow and progress confidently until 1990. Hüseyin Başaran, the representative of the third generation of Başaran family, established one of Turkey’s most modern integrated hazelnut processing plants by the task he took over in 1995.

Biyosam Hazelnut

About Company

Originating from Samsun – one of the most important hazelnut-producing regions in Turkey -, it was only natural that we use our local knowledge and expertise to bring this Black Sea speciality to customers across the seas and around the world. At the same time, we wanted to realise one of our dreams: contributing to a sustainable future for the region by acquiring only certified organic hazelnuts.

We are convinced that organic agriculture yields healthy, high-quality products that secure our planet and ourselves a long, bountiful life. It is our pleasure that in the course of the past dozen or so years, over 200 farmers have joined us in this conviction and braved the challenging switch to certified organic farming.

Cakmaklar Nuts

About Company

The company roots can be traced back more than 50 years, with trading, construction, logistic sector. Cakmaklar gida started to concentrate mainly on hazelnut sector in 1975. Cakmaklar gida today, with high quality and state of art technology in hygienic condition produced products; the company has enviable reputation among hazelnut sector, makes Cakmaklar more respected and reliable company in their field.

With the hazelnut cracking and the hazelnut processing facility in Ünye the Ordu region, the company runs its business under food safety and quality management system and Cakmaklar gida has demonstrated its commitment with ISO9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, IFS certificates.

Cakmaklar gida provides hazelnut in shell and processed hazelnut in state art of technology and high quality products for customers in local markets and overseas markets.

Cebi Hazelnut

About Company

Çebi Fındık among the top 20 companies in exports…

Being active in domestic and international markets in hazelnut industry since its foundation, Çebi Fındık opened the Istanbul branch of Çebi Fındık in 2013 to improve its exports.

The works of the contact office, which primarily focuses on international sales and marketing operations, shortly yielded positive outcomes.

Çebi Fındık was listed among the top 20 companies of Black Sea Union of Hazelnut and Hazelnut Products Exporters which achieved the highest amount of hazelnut exports in 2015 and 2016.

Dost Hazelnut

About Company

Dost Fındık, a family owned company, is one of the leading companies in the hazelnut sector. Its roots can be traced back to 1987 when the company started to actively participate in the hazelnut sector under the brand of “Atikler”.
Dost Fındık produces all types Turkish hazelnut, where 80% of the total world production is made, by using state of art technology in hygienic conditions.

Durak Hazelnut

About Company

Durak Hazelnut is one of the top hazelnut producers and exporters in Turkey. Established in 1960, in Unye, Ordu.

Durak has 5 factories for processing hazelnuts in Turkey, with a total closed area of 55.000 sqm.

Gursoy Hazelnut

About Company

Based out of Ordu, Black Sea Region, the motherland of hazelnut, Gürsoy has been supplying to Turkey and the world the top quality natural and processed hazelnut since 1933..

Thanks to comprehensive experience, having specialized in the field, and closely keeping abreast with technology with the ambition to become the most innovative company in the industry as well as commitment to its foundation mission, Gürsoy has become one of the highly sought companies not only in Turkey but also the world thanks to its top quality product and top caliber service understanding.

Istanbul Findik San. Hazelnut

About Company

As one of the leading hazelnut processing companies, our main objective at ISTANBUL FINDIK is to provide premium natural and processed hazelnuts to the international markets.

To excel in customer satisfaction and ensure a healthy supply chain from the farmer to the customer’s warehouse, each product specification requirement from the clients is carefully reviewed, then related traceable raw merchandise is procured from then market and processed accordingly.

ISTANBUL FINDIK’s plant, conveniently located in Hendek/Sakarya since 1987, is one of the most sophisticated factories in its field. The multi-tiered production facility with annual cracking and processing capacity of 11.750 tons hazelnut kernels each, covers an area of 8.133 m² and complemented by a temperature controlled warehouse of 1.200 m² , silos for 1.000 tons cold storage, where hazelnut freshness is conserved for longer periods.

Karadere Agricultural Products

About Company

Karadere was founded in 1940s, served as a family business until 1991 as a small merchant. In 1992, they have started their first hazelnut cracking facility.

Today, with a capacity of 40.000 tons of cracked and 10.000 tons of processed hazelnuts per year, Karadere makes its production in hygienic standards with high-tech equipments.

All products are controlled in our modern lab. with the aim of “quality first”, we invite you to join our “elite” customers.

Karin Nuts

About Company

KARIN GIDA was established in 1990 and is one of the leading food manufacturer and exporter of Turkey.

From the day it was established, KARIN GIDA exports processed hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachios with the international quality certificates to the leading food companies in the world.

In the domestic market, KARIN GIDA supplies the relevant demands of the leading food manufacturers in the sector within the framework of quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Karimex Hazelnuts

About Company

Karimex was established in 2008 in Ordu, the world hazelnut capital. Adopting the principle of customer orientation in its establishment, our company has been processed with its know-how, more than 30 years of experience, expertise and continues its way in natural hazelnut raw materials.

Our company, which has been continuously renewing its production lines and growing its capacity and technology investments every year since its foundation, also invests in additional quality and management systems. In this context, it continues its activities with high-quality assurance and management systems such as BRC, IFS and FSSC22000.

  • Export to 49 Country
  • 37 Years of Experience
  • 18 Industrial Products
  • 12 Brands
  • 11 Quality Certifates
  • 10 Retail Product
  • 2 Factory

Kumbetli Tarim Hazelnuts

About Company

Kümbetli family, a prominent hazelnut producer family in Giresun, has been in operation of hazelnut purchase and sales for a long time. In 1979, founding the Kümbetli Company, the family started its business in İstanbul in the area of processed hazelnut, targeting the local market.

Bozbag Hazelnuts

About Company

Our factory was established in 1989 at the locality of Talipli Village of Bulancak on the open area of 2000 square meters, and it started exportation as per the orders of our clients.(References to be supplied upon request)

We strive only to valuable customers which are our business partners. With this purpose our activities have been led by the General Management and Quality Control Departmens.

The produstion activity in our factory begins is September and continues until July. Thirty woman-workers work in the production section. In addition 50 persons actually work in our factory including those in the packing and loading sections. In this way our factory can process up to 300 tons of hazelnuts per month.

Noor Hazelnuts

About Company

At NOOR FINDIK, we put integrity first.

Our belief in providing the best for our customers derives from this basic philosophy. NOOR FINDIK adheres to highest standards of sustainability, transparency and accountability. We recognize that our responsibilities to our customers include supporting best practices throughout the hazelnut industry. From our own hazelnut garden used to educate farmers and customers to sponsoring sustainable farming campaigns, NOOR FINDIK is at the forefront of advances that yield better quality products.

At NOOR FINDIK, quality is our habit.

Ozgun Gida

About Company

Founded in 1992 and having been active in domestic market since its foundation, Ozgun started exporting hazelnuts in its own integrated processing plant in 2000. Involved in Turkish hazelnut sector as a manufacturer, the firm’s top priority has always been processed hazelnut products.

From the very beginning, not losing its focus on meeting international quality standards, Ozgun has quickly become a recognized hazelnut processor worldwide. This qualification increased our business connections in six continents and enabled us to understand various needs of customers from different countries. Furthermore, another goal of the company is to take the lead in terms of gainining up-to-date market information and utilize them to meet emerging food market demands. A good example to this was to start selling the finest natural and processed organic hazelnuts (BIO in Europe) 10 years ago due to the market demand.

You all know Nutella of Ferrero, the company who has its own hazelnut supplier companies in Turkey, is also the biggest importer of Turkish hazelnuts.

Ozyilmaz Hazelnut

About Company

Özyılmaz Fındık Trade and Industry Limited is a family business and has been specialised in agricultural products trade for 45 years. In 1968, a provisions store was established in Çarşamba county of Samsun with a large number of agricultural products, especially hazelnut trade operations.

Poyraz Poyraz Hazelnut

About Company

Poyraz Poyraz Inc. which accepts to present high-quality and reliable services as a first principle has become one of the leading hazelnut processing establishments with its high-qualified and trained staffs for the Turkish hazelnut sector which supplies %70 of the world’s hazelnut in to the world..

Progida Hazelnut

About Company

Turkey accounts for more than 70% of the world’s annual production of hazelnuts. The climatic conditions in the Turkish Black Sea Coast area are ideal for growing hazelnuts.

Olam Progida operates a modern state-of-the-art ingredients factory in Giresun and cracking facilities in different regions of the Turkish Black Sea Coast. The business is headquartered in Istanbul and has long been present in the region, priding itself on its ability to procure hazelnuts across all the growing areas in Turkey. Strong relationships with farmers, intermediary traders and crackers in the growing areas have been nurtured for mutually beneficial relationships over time.

SEP Gida Hazelnut

About Company

S.E.P. GIDA has been established in 2001 and has been one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of raw and processed hazelnut kernels in Turkey since then.

With the capacity of handling approximately 15.000 tons of hazelnuts annually; S.E.P. GIDA supplies the worldwide chocolate, confectionery, dairy, ice cream and baking industries as well as consumer institutional sectors.

S.E.P. GIDA has been always a quality oriented company, working in guidance of GMP principles and well maintained food safety management system with BRC, SEDEX, UTZ, KOSHER and HALAL certificates.

Plus, our employees commitment to perfection, maintains the constant high level of quality respecting the guaranteed deliveries with specific customer demands.

Sabirlar Hazelnut Export

About Company

SABIRLAR is family owned company and dealing especially with HAZELNUT export since 1965. We are supplier of in-shell, Shelled and Processed Turkish Hazelnuts. We have started with small cracking plant, and in 1970’s we made one of the first investment in processed hazelnuts . In 1989 we have made first integrated hazelnut processing plant. In 1997 we have added some more places for storage of raw and finished goods. In 1998 we have had the ISO 9002 certification. HACCP is implemented since 1999. And we have ISO 22000 by 2007 as well.
Company holds BRC Level A certificate since 2000 and in 2005 total warehousing/processing area expanded to 7500 and in 2006 cool storage warehouse has been added as well. In raw and processed hazelnuts we use Laser Sorting, Echo- Sound system Sorting, Color Sorting and mechanical sorting sytems to reach lovest tolerances for foreign matters. Today we are approved supplier of many Multi-National confectionary and chocolate manufacturers and with about 10 000 mtons exports to 40 different countries.

Sarilar Foreign Trade Hazelnut Exporter

About Company

First step into hazelnut business was taken by our founder Mehmet SARI in 1960. Following our unprocessed hazelnut trading business until 1994, we founded our first hazelnut processing factory. In 2011, we joined forces with our seasoned trade contact Italian Stelliferi to establish a partnership.

Senocak Nuts

About Company

In the Black Sea region, in a city named Ordu, the Şenocak family started a hazelnut trade company in 1953, after the passing of the founder İsmet Şenocak in 2017, Cem Şenocak and his sons İsmet Yiğit Şenocak and Mert Şenocak continues the hazelnut trade as %100 family company.

The Şenocak Hazelnut Company has been selling shelled hazelnuts and natural hazelnuts sinse opening the crushing plant but after 2006 the integrated new machinery in order to provide roasted, blanched, diced hazelnuts, hazelnut meal and paste products to their product line.

Since 1977 the Şenocak Hazelnut Company become one of the largest exporters of hazelnuts. Our company has ISO 22000, BRC, UTZ, IFS, Kosher and Helal certificates as well as the capacity to meet the demand. We are INC member as well.

Our crushing plant has the capacity to produce 25.000 tons/year of natural hazelnuts as well as 15.000 tons/year of natural hazelnuts at our integrated factory.

Yavuz Hazelnut Products

About Company

Yavuz Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, with the name Yavuz Hazelnut Products in the international market, in 1933, Turkey meets the needs of the world’s hazelnuts 70%, was founded in the city of Giresun.

If we briefly summarize this 86-year period from 1933 to today; In the sector that we entered with the domestic market, we turned to exports in a very short time and with the increasing experience over the years, we took the first steps of international trade in the 1940s. By establishing our first processed production facility in 1982, we started hazelnut exports.

When the calendar showed the year 2000, we continued to grow with the awareness that we should adapt to the millennium, follow the developing technology closely, increase our quality and our services day by day. In 2003, by increasing our investments significantly, we maintained our place among the leading companies of our sector in the global economy, where the borders are no longer valid. In 2011, we established Yavuz Haselnuss Gmbh company in Germany in order to meet the increasing service expectations of our customers, and we started to provide faster service to our customers who want to buy customs products.

Yavuzkan Hazelnut

About Company

Our company carries out production and export in the industry of nut since 1933 onwards. Our company gives importance to choosing the best and most qualified raw material and it has adopted production in global standards under good health and hygienic conditions.

Yavuzkan, adopting it as principle to develop sustainably with the infrastructure and renewal works, today exports Turkish nut to the prominent food suppliers of Europe with its natural nut production capacity of 7000 tons/year and processed nut production capacity of 20.000 tons/year.

It performs production in compliance with the international standards, and reaches healthy and safe nut to the consumers with its advanced laboratory and expert team. Our company realizes production under high quality assurance such as ISO and BRC. In 2011, it constituted a tasteful product group with Fındıkkıran Brand, and took its place in the national retail sector.

It has been found out that hazelnut was produced in North Anatolia / Turkey in the  Blacksea coast 2300 years ago, and had been exported to many countries for almost 6 centuries.

Turkey, which is one of the few countries in the world with favourable weather conditions for hazelnut production, accounts for 75% of the global production and 70-75% of the total hazelnut exports.

Hazelnuts of Turkey

Production of Turkish Hazelnut

Hazelnut fields, widely spread in the Black Sea coasts of Turkey, have been located within 30 km from the coast towards inland.

In the western Black Sea, it starts from Zonguldak (east of Istanbul) and extends to the east over the entire Black Sea like a green strip lying between the sea and the mountains almost until the Georgian boundary.

4.000.000 people are directly or indirectly related to hazelnut which has been produced on an area of 550-600 thousand hectares in Turkey, which is a fact that boosts the socio-economic importance of hazelnut.

Turkey has a distinguished place among the other hazelnut producers in the world, thanks to its high quality, and maintains its leading position in production and exports.

Production Areas of Turkish Hazelnuts

Hazelnut tree, which grows in 36′ 41′ northern latitudes and under special climate conditions, yields product within 30 km from the coast and at an altitude of maximum 750-1000 metres.

In Turkey, the regions where hazelnut is grown can be divided into two sub-regions:

  1. Standard Region (eastern part of the Black Sea Region): Ordu, Giresun, Rize, Trabzon and Artvin provinces.
  2. Standard Region (middle and western part of the Black Sea Region): Samsun, Sinop, Kastamonu, Bolu, Düzce, Sakarya, Zonguldak and Kocaeli provinces.

Harvesting of Hazelnuts in Turkey

Turkish hazelnut generally grows ripe between the beginning and the end of August, depending on the altitude of the field.

Filbert harvesting Turkey

Timely harvest is done by picking up the hazelnuts with leaves that fall to ground when the branches are shaken off. Another method of harvesting is the one where the hazelnuts are picked one by one from the branches.

After being collected from the fields, hazelnuts are blended on the same day or a few days later depending on the field status and laid to make a bed of 10-15 cm thickness to be pre-dried under the sun until their leaves turn brown.

After drying, hazelnuts are separated from their leaves using harvesting machine (thresher) and laid over canopies in thin layers to be dried under the sun.

Total period of drying, including the pre-drying, can be maximum 15-20 days depending on the weather conditions. Drying naturally and under the sun is an important factor that gives the Turkish hazelnut its special taste.

Hazelnut Products & Uses

Besides being consumed as snack both in Turkey and in the world, about 90% of hazelnuts are used in:

  • roasted,
  • blanched,
  • chopped,
  • sliced,
  • mea and paste form as a side-ingredient in
    • chocolate,
    • biscuit,
    • confectionary industry, in making
  • sweets,
  • pastries
  • ice-cream
  • in meals and salads

Hazelnut products

With a background of about five thousand years, hazelnut has great benefits for humankind through many ways such as its fruit and wood.

Hazelnut shell is used as a very valuable and high calorie fuel particularly in hazelnut growing areas in our country.

Furthermore, hazelnut wood is used in making baskets, walking sticks, chairs, fences and hand tools. Some types of hazelnut are grown as decorative plants in parks and gardens. Hazelnut leaves and fruit leaves are used as fertilizer. Hazelnut oil is made from the excess amount of hazelnut. Crude hazelnut oil is refined to be used in meals and hazelnut pulp is used as additive in the animal food industry.

Hazelnut Processing Industry and Hazelnut Trade in Turkey

Currently, there are 180 breaking plants with an internal capacity of 1.800.000 tons per annum and 40 processing plants with an internal capacity of 350.000 tons per annum in Turkey.

In 1970’s, 90% of our hazelnut export was in the form of hazelnuts with shell and natural hazelnut seeds but with the positive and fast developments in hazelnut processing industry, processed hazelnut exports started to account for 30% of our total exports in 2000.

In parallel to the complete fulfilment of buyers’ requirements with the effective and careful quality control systems in every phase of production, particularly processed hazelnut seed exports are increasing every year.

The processed hazelnuts prepared in our country have higher quality than the processed hazelnuts prepared by many exporters-manufacturers in their own plants by purchasing natural hazelnuts.

Packaging of Hazelnuts & Processed Hazelnut Products

Turkey exports hazelnut in the following forms of packaging depending on buyers’ requests.

Natural Kernel of Hazelnuts:

  • generally in jute sacks of 25, 50 or 80 kg,
  • in laminated bigbags of 500, 800 or 1000 kg
  • in carton boxes of 10, 12.5, 20 or 25 kg (in vacuum bags, in non-vacuum polyethylene bags, directly in carton boxes)
  • paper bags of 25 or 40 kg
  • in vacuum or non-vacuum packaging of 25 gr, 40 gr, 80 gr, 100 gr, 200 gr, 500 gr or 1 kg directly aimed at the consumer

Blanched, Roasted, Chopped, Powder Hazelnuts:

  • in jute sacks with polyethylene bags of 25 or 50 kg
  • in carton boxes of 10, 12.5, 20, 25 kg (in vacuum bags, in non-vacuum polyethylene bags)
  • in laminated bigbags of 500, 800 or 1000 kg
  • in aluminium vacuum bags
  • in vacuum or non-vacuum packaging of 25 gr, 40 gr, 80 gr, 100 gr, 200 gr, 500 gr or 1 kg directly aimed at the consumer

Sliced Hazelnut:

  • in non-vacuum carton boxes with polyethylene bags of 10, 12.5, 20 or 25 kg

Hazelnut Paste:

  • in food-grade plastic drums of 30, 60, 120, 200 or 220 kg
  • in lacquered metal drums of 30, 60, 200 kg
  • directly or by filling tanks of 20 or 22 tons

Turkish Hazelnut Types:

Turkish hazelnut is categorised into two in terms of quality, such as Giresun and Levant.

Giresun Quality:

Fat hazelnuts grown in the entire province of Giresun and fat hazelnuts grown in Besikdüzü, Vakfikebir, Çarsibasi and Akçaabat towns of the province of Trabzon, which are more or less similar to Giresun quality.

These are the highest quality hazelnuts in the world. These are the hazelnuts that have the highest level of skin separation among the types in the world.

Levant Quality:

This is the common name given to all hazelnuts that are grown in regions other than the region of Giresun quality hazelnut.

Called Levant Akçakoca, Levant Ordu, Levant Trabzon or Levant Samsun depending on the place they are grown, these hazelnuts have a lower level of fat than the Giresun quality hazelnuts but a higher level of fat than those grown in the other countries and a better taste.

  • In-Shell Hazelnuts
  • Decorticated Hazelnut Kernels
  • Processed Hazelnut Kernels

Turkey’s Hazelnut Exports:

Besides being the biggest hazelnut producer in the world, our country is also the biggest hazelnut exporting country. Turkey’s hazelnut export is mainly aimed at the European Union countries and the share of these countries increase in parallel with the increase in our exports.

The share of the EU countries in our total exports is about 80-85%, though it changes over the years.

In 2019 Turkey has exported 319.772 tons shelled hazelnuts. The value has been around 2 Nillion USD for this amount.

This represents an increase of 14,5% in quantity and 24& in Value when compared to 2018.

The top importing countries of Turkish hazelnuts are Italy, Germany and France.