Top 10 Air Compressor Manufacturers in Turkey

In Turkey there are many air compressor manufacturers. Most of these companies export their products to many countries worldwide.

The top air compressor manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Dalgakiran
  2. Lupamat
  3. Yigitsan
  4. Alkin
  5. Vortex
  6. Puma Compressor
  7. Bekomsan
  8. Ekomak
  9. Escomp
  10. Ozen Compressor

See the list with company names/brand Names, Logos and short descriptions below:

Dalgakıran Compressor

1. Dalgakiran

Dalgakiran Compressor is one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of industrial air compressor manufacturers of Turkey. It was established in 1965 in Istanbul and now have a production site of 27.000 sqm. Dalgakiran has customers in 130 countries, and exports almost 70% of its total production. Main products are; Screw type compressors, Reciprocating compressors and Turbo compressors.

Lupamak Compressor

2. Lupamat

Lupamat, working in the compressed air industry for over 50 years and the pioneer of many innovations in the industry, started production in 1968. By expanding the product range in later years, production of screw compressors, oil free piston compressors, Booster compressors, Scroll compressors, gasoline powered compressors and finally high pressure 40 bar compressors has begun.

screw compressors lupamat Turkey

Screw Compressor

A two stage dust cover and automatic discharge, easy to change, paper element, mann+hummel brand filter kit is in use. It is equipped so that when the paper element is blocked, a blocked warning is given by the micro processor control panel with an electrical indicator, which allows the compressor to work efficiently even in dusty environments, allows it to be long lasting and provides for easy servicing.

Reciprocating Compressor

The single stage types have been designed as 8 bar, two-stage types 15 bar and high pressure types for 25-50 bar pressure. Is driven by V-belt-pulley.

Oil Free Compressor

A two stage dust cover and automatic discharge, easy to change, paper element, mann+hummel brand filter kit is in use. It is equipped so that when the paper element is blocked, a blocked warning is given by the micro processor control panel with an electrical indicator, which allows the compressor to work efficiently even in dusty environments, allows it to be long lasting and provides for easy servicing.

High Pressure Compressor

Oil free, high pressure, high-output, multi-stage, sliding bearing water cooled, V-type piston air compressor.

Yigitsan Compressor Turkey

3. Yigitsan Compressor

Yiğitsan Compressor, with its World Class Production variety & Service Quality, is one of the leading Compressed Air Systems & related products manufacturer in Turkey since 1978. The prime reason of Yiğitsan Compressor’s reputation & reliabilty in this sector is; its High level of Engineering knowledge, expertise, advance technology and experience combined under the same roof. Another reason which makes Yiğitsan privileged in Compressor market is, it offers wide range of products to meet its clients exclusive & unique expectations & requirements.

Yigitsan screw air compressors Turkey

Screw Compressor

Yiğitsan Compressor has been manufacturing Rotary Screw Air Compressors for Industrial use in collaboration with the world’s leading organizations in its field and it has been achieving productive & satisfactory results in maximum levels.

In Stationary Screw Air Compressors we have been manufacturing items starting from 0.43 m3 / min. up to 70 m3 / min. free air delivery capacities in our own factory and for more larger capacities we can work according to exclusive orders.

Alkin Air Compressor Manufacturer Turkey

4. Alkin Compressor

ALKIN COMPRESSORS was established in 1990 by Engineer Erol Çiprut. Production activities are carried out on total area of 16.500m2 including 3500m2 closed area in Menderes, İzmir. ALKIN COMPRESSORS is one of the world’s and Turkey’s leading compressor manufacturers with products that appeal to different sectors, fast and high quality service, recognition in domestic and international markets and rising export. We are proud to say the major share of our production is accounted by exports to more than 120 countries.

Vortex Compressor Ankara Turkey

5. Vortex / Hamak

Ankara Hamak A.S. was founded in 1991 in Ankara. From its foundation till this day it increases its potential and manufacturing facilities to keep up the world's compressor market needs. In 1998 Ankara Hamak build its first series production facility in OSTIM and registered Vortex Compressor brand name in Turkey. In 2004 Vortex Compressor started to produce Variable Speed Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressors calling them Vortex VSD series. In the same year Vortex Compressor had produced Air Boosters (EPT Series), Absorption Air Dryers (VAD Series).

Puma air compressors

6. Puma Air Compressors

In 1991 as Turkey developing, we realized the need of air, we started researches about this subject.In 1992 we founded PETMAKSAN MACHINE INDUSTRY COMPANY.We started to produce air compressors with capacity of 25- 300 liters in a small place like 500 sqm.In a few years as a result of the need of big capacity,we added 400 lt,500 lt,700 lt and 1000 lt. piston air compressors in our product list. Meanwhile our workshop became a small place for us,we bought an extensive factory land which is 2000m2 and finished its construction in a short time.We moved and started work in our new place which is 1250m2 in the spring of 2001.

Puma variable speed screw air compressors Turkey

Puma Variable Speed Screw Type Air Compressors

Puma Screw air compressors 30 hp to 430 hp designed with low noise level and high performance for industrial companies



  • Screw Air End
  • Air Intake System
  • Efficient Cooling System
  • Temperature Controller Valve
  • Oil Filtration System
Top 10 Air Compressor Manufacturers in Turkey 1

7. Bekomsan

Started air compressors in 1984 in Ankara Turkey. Bekomsan reciprocating compressors are the most suitable type compressors to be used in cement and similar environments due to their robust design. Deutz diesel F4L912 motor driven compressors meet the needs of construction sites without electricity requirements.

Ekomak Compressor Turkey

8. Ekomak

Since 1992, Ekomak, operating in the compressed air business which is used by all the industries today, had became a well-known, trusted brand in the sector with it's high-efficient compressors, compressed air dryers, line filters and other compressed air equipments. Maintaining numerous associateships and participations, Ekomak Compressor, has various international certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE and GOST for the main product group being manufactured.


9. Escomp

We need to be more technological, insightful, sophisticated, modern and more innovative compared to the past, in order to maintain a fair commercial stance at the stage where our world stands through the internet revolution subsequent to industrialisation. In this course being followed with the working discipline, morality and broad vision handed down, we always worked by carrying our goals a step forward since 1983. We always endeavoured to manage producing and developing better, economical and more robust products. Today, it honours and makes us proud having happy customers and products representing us all over the world.

Top 10 Air Compressor Manufacturers in Turkey 2

Single and Double-Stage

ESCOMP Piston compressors are designed to offer economical solutions to compressed air needs of the small and medium-sized enterprises . ESCOMP Piston Compressors, which are designed to successfully operate at different application fields, provide smooth and high performance operation to its users, for any application.

Top 10 Air Compressor Manufacturers in Turkey 3

10. Ozen Kompresor

In addition to low, medium and high pressure compressors, Özen Kompresör, which offers a wide product range with screw boosters and compressed air treatment equipments (dryers,-line filters), is continuing its production in the new factory with an area of 20.000 m² in Konya Organized Industrial Zone since 2012. Özen Kompresör, one of the key players in the compressed air industry in Turkey, is making exports to 45 countries. The company, which prioritizes durability and productivity for its products, responds to the compressed air demands of small and large-sized customers from every industry in Turkey and the world.

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