Top 20 Power Transformer Manufacturers in Turkey ( A verified company list)

Turkey has many  companies for  making Power & Distribution Transformers.

The top transformer manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Eltas 
  2. Best Trafo
  3. Beta Transformer
  4. Astor
  5. Elkima
  6. Eren Trafo
  7. Transfomax
  8. Era Transformer
  9. Metsan
  10. Ozcelik
  11. Gunduz Trafo

and more..

Top Turkish power transformer manufacturers list covers verified suppliers who produce and export many type of transformers such as:

  • Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers
  • Oil Immersed Distribution Transformers
  • Oil Immersed Medium Power Transformers
  • Oil Immersed High Power Transformers
  • Special Type Transformers
top Transformer manufacturers in Turkey

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The total export value of transformers manufactured in Turkey in 2018 have been around 730 Million USD.

Top Buyer Countries have been:

  1. Iraq
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Egypt
  4. Poland
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. Sudan
  7. Germany
  8. UAE
  9. Spain
  10. Algeria

See the list of top 20 suppliers with details (Plus 10 companies)

Eltas Transformer

1) Eltas Transformer

Eltas was founded in 1981 and started the production of first Oil Immersed transformers in 1994. They primarily make dry type and oil-immersed type power transformers.

Eltas is situated in Aliaga in Izmirprovince of Turkey.

Main Products are: Dry Type Transformers – Oil Immersed Power Transformers & Special type transformers.


Eltas Transformers
Best Transformer Turkey
Best Turkey power transformers

Founded in Balikesir province of Turkey in 1966.

Production of first 170kV voltage level transformer in 1983.

Main activity: Oil Immersed and Dry Type Transformer Production

BEST has been continuously growing since its start of production in 1966. Production of transformers in production plants, located in Balikesir area, continue with the following products; 

> Power Transformers
> Special Type Transformers
> Distribution Transformers
> Dry Type Transformers
> Our annual production capacity makes our company one of the biggest manufacturers in our area.

Power Transformers

Main transformers located in transmission and distribution grids. Transformers used in industrial plants, production centers and service supply are also under this group. Power transformers, designed in consideration of international standards and customer specifications, incorporate the widest range in terms of power, voltage and regulation characteristics even though that are similar in principle.

> Production capacity of up to 1000MVA / 750kV,
> The most widely used transformers,

Beta Transformer Adana Turkey

Transformatör Elektromekanik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. that offers quality solutions for the needs of energy sector by productive manufacturing process, provides service in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industry Zone with a total of 63.352 m2 area; 48.352 m2 indoors and 15.000 m2 outdoors. 

Beta transformer productsOur products are produced in accordance with standards of TSE 267 ve IEC 76 and certified with ISO 9001: 2000 Quality System and ISO 14001Environmental Management System certificates. In 23/01/2013 our laboratory was accredited by TURKAK. The Type Tests were provided by KEMA and ICMET. As it is shown on the right top, the certificates ,that we provided by ICMET ,were approved by German Accreditation Body. This approval isn’t shown on all ICMET Type Test certificates but it is available for our certificates. %25 of our products are being exported domestically and %75 of them are being exported overseas for over 30 countries. Iraq, Nigeria, Bahrain, Afghanistan and Kenya are the main corporations of ministry of energy that we have received approval abroad.


astor transformer Turkey

Astor is one of the largest transformer manufacturers in turkey with around 700 staff and exports to over 60 countries.

Factories situated in Ankara/Turkey and they have an office in ıstanbul.

Their main products are:

  • Oil Type Distribution Transformers
  • Dry Type Transformers
  • Power Transformers
  • Industrial Transformers
Elkima Transformer Turkey

ELKIMA was founded in 1973.

In 2014 started production of Oil and Dry Type 3D wound core transformers. Production continues in Kemalpasa Industrial Zone with growing capacity on 13.000m2 facilities according to ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Transformers made by Elkima Turkey

Main activities:

  • Production of power and distribution transformers up to 36kV and between 10-31500kVA,
  • Production of 3D Wound Core Dry Type (Tref-Dry) and 3D Wound Core Oil Type (Tref-Oil) Distribution Transformers,
  • Production of special type transformers,
  • Type tests and routine tests in our High Voltage Laboratory,
  • Maintenance and repair of all brand mark of transformers,
  • Chemical and electrical oil tests in our Oil Test Laboratory,
  • Oil separation and exchange,
  • Transformer maintenance and tests on site with our Mobile Service Vehicle,
  • Oil processing and tests on site with our Mobile Service Vehicle,
  • Purchasing, sales and exchange of second hand transformers,
  • Sales of transformer spare parts,
  • Environmental friendly, mobile and under energy (on load) Oil Regeneration on site.
Eren Trafo

Established in 1985 by Atilla EREN. EREN ELEKTRİK SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. began to work as establish transformer station, OG system and projects.In 1994, It has become to give maintenance and repair services.

Company is situated in Ankara Turkey.

Main products:

  • Distribution Transformers
  • Power Transformers
  • Dry Type Transformers
  • Special Type Transformers
Eren Trafo Ankara Turkey
Transfomax transformer supplier Turkey

The company was founded in Şanlıurfa in 2006, in order to operate in domains of electricity, engineering, consultancy and commitment.

Beginning its investments with the motto ‘Quality is the Key for every door’, our expert working team that is gathered together for transformer production, maintenance and repair, and our Senior Staff which incorporates all kinds of technical faculties, have assumed their place in the industry with in a professional business line.

TRANSFOMAX® ensures transformer product on pursuant to demands of clients and dealers apart from the brands with in the body of Transfomaks Transformatör Sanayi and Ticaret Ltd. Sti. , and continues its industrial and commercial activities via dealers in various countries.

Transfomax manufactures three-phase and single-phase, oil immersed transformers that are designed for use in constant operations at outdoor and indoor places, up to an ambient temperature of 50°C (In our standard production, the ambient temperature is considered as 40°C).

Era Trafo

Established in 1991. Era Trafo situated in Istanbul Turkey.

Main Products are:

  • Marine Type Transformers
  • Transformers for Machinery
  • Medical Type Transformers


Metsan Transformer logo

Metsan Trafo started manufacturing of transformers in 2008.

Metsan makes power and distribution transformers between 25 kV and 2500 kV.

Ozcelik Transformer

ÖZÇELİK Transformer Cons. Electricity Ind. And Trade Ltd Company has been dealing with transformer servicing and repairing since 22/06/2005. Furthermore, our company has begun to manufacture new ÖZÇELİK branded transformers by the year of 2006.

Our aim is to provide the best service for our dear customers about transformer service and repair works by offering top output, safe, logical and economic solutions.

New manufactured transformers are made of copper and aluminium winding consists of this values; 50kVA-100kVA-160kVA-250kVA-400kVA-630kVA-800kVA-1000kVA-1250kVA-1600kVA. New manufactured transformers are under guarantee for 2 years.

Gunduz Trafo

Gunduz Trafo was established in 1985 in Izmir/Turkey. Gündüz Trafo,organizations too various sectors in Turkey as well as abroad, gives the production and technical advisory services with a wide range of products.

Equipped with the principles of quality, power and continuity in an indoor area of 4000 m², it has the infrastructure to meet the highest level. It continues to serve to meet the different needs of different sectors with its constantly renewed equipment’s and experienced staff in international standards.


  • Isolated Single Monophase / Isolated Three Phases Transformers
  • Auto Single Phase/ Isolated Three Phases
  • Vibration and Magnetic Receiver Transformers
  • Water Cooling Transformers
  • UPS Transformers

Datsan Transformer has been established in 1992 and it has started its activities with supplying of medium voltage electrical equipment. Datsan participated dozens of contract which owned of Turkish Electricity Distribution Company and it had successfully completed these contracts that the today’s cost approximately $ 20.000.000,00. Datsan has founded substation and transformer maintenance and repair workshop in 1997 and It has started to manufacturing in the last quarter of 2005 at its new factory


  • Three phase distribution transformers
  • Special and Other Transformers
  • 25-160 kVA Distribution Transformers
  • 200-630 kVA Distribution Transformers
  • 750-2000 kVA Distribution Transformers
Power Transformer Manufacturers in Turkey: Top 20 Manufacturing Companies 1

ATLAS Trafo A.S. is the relaibale manufaturer of distribution and power transformers. Atlas Trafo manfacturing plant is established in Izmir Turkey.


  • 3 Phase Distribution Transformers (25 – 2500 kV)
  • 3 Phase Power Transformers (2500 kV – 15000 kV)
Sem Trafo Logo

Sem Transformator, who started activities in 1980, continued with manufacturing shortly after. By the professional founders’ experience and the team’s harmony Sem become one of the most importantcompanies in the sector. Since 1993, the production is done by the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) certificate.

Special Transformers

•       Dual HV and Dual LV Transformers.
•       AutoTransformer
•       Isolation Transformers
•       Earthing Transformers
•       Transformers feeding converters/inverters
•       Rectifier Transformer

Power Transformer Manufacturers in Turkey: Top 20 Manufacturing Companies 2

Established in Adiyaman Turkey in 2003.

ATS Produces:

Grounding transformers,
Low loss (aoak and other) transformers,
Power transformers up to 10,000 kVA ,
Current rectifier transformers,
Under Load Tap Changer transformers


  • Hermetic type Transformers
  • Special Type Transformers
  • On Load Tap-Changer Transformers
  • Cable-Box Transformers
  • Plug-in Bushing Transformers
Logo of Omsan Transformer company

Omsan,one of the leading and well-established companies in its sector,has been producing dry type transformer, reactor, voltage regulator and rectifier since 1974.

Omsan has reinforced its  products’ reliability by CE certificate andassured its system of quality to ISO 9001: 2008.Omsan’s customer portfolio is composed of machine manufacturer and exporter factories mostly and Omsan products are currently operating more than 30 countries in the world.

STD Transformer

STD Transformator was established in 2009 at Adana, Turkey as manufacturer and service provider of Oil-immersed Power and Distribution Transformers combines a significant amount of transformer knowledge and expertise of some of the most respected and renowned Turkish producers and service companies of small, medium and large power transformers in one group.


Sonmez Trafo Logo

Sonmez Transformer Company manufactures power transformers, special transformers for different applications and reactors. The Company was founded in 1976 and located in Gebze which is close to Istanbul. The modern transformer production plant was set up over an area 40.000 sq.m., and is a large plant for special transformers. The plant makes use of advanced transformer/reactor manufacturing technologies based on know-how provided by ourself. The plant employs a staff of about 100 people. The plant is divided into the following department: winding, core production, assembly drying vacuum fill oil, modern test laboratory, finishing department and quality assurance department.

Sonmez Produces Transformers for the following purposes:

  • Power Transformers
  • Converter Transformers (6-12-24-36-48 Pulse)
  • Marine Transformers (Off-Shore Applications)
  • Electrostatic Precipator Rectifier Transformer
  • Motor Starting Applications
  • Furnace Transformers (LF and EAF transformers)
  • Test Transformers
  • Earthing (Grounding) Transformers
  • Railway Applications
  • Other Applications
Maksan Transformer Logo

MAKSAN Company, established in the city of Malatya  in  1974, manufactures power and distribution transformers under the  licence  agreement  of British firm Bonar-Long at its 120.000 square meter outdoor and  12.000 indoor facilities. R&D group  MAKSAN perfected its own brand name  product in an short time prove the  acumen in cutting edge technologies, delivering high quality products.

Challenging innovations  by using  the  best manufacturing equipments  & machineries, MAKSAN earned reputation  as the  hallmark of transformer industry.

With more than  45 years of experience  in the transformers  production sector, MAKSAN not only  sells its products to the domestic market, but also exports  them to three different  continents.

MAKSAN has  manufactured more than  100.000 transformers in 45 year for various sectors, public, private  enterprises  and output  capacity of MAKSAN 3.500 MVA or 5.000 pieces of transformers per year.

According to the customer’s purchase order specification, MAKSAN has manufactured transformers in various power and voltage and also to meet special purposes.

MAKSAN’s product groups are as follows;

– 25 – 2500 kVA distribution transformers with conservator tank or hermetically sealed type. H.V. – L.V. Terminals: Open type, plug-in type, outside cone type or with H.V. – L.V. terminal box type,
– 2500 – 31500 kVA mid-tension power transformers,
– Transformers with on-load tap changer, manually operated or with automatic voltage regulator at various voltages and powers,
– Auto transformers,
– Step-up and step-dawn power transformers for power plant and power stations,
– Transformers with electrostatic shielded and neutral-earthing transformers.

Elektra Transformer Logo

Founded with the purpose of transformer production in 1982.

Elektra Elektronik have been proposing transformer, reactor, and energy quality solutions across the world with a top notch quality perception. Maintaining both production and design with its own human resources and facilities, our Company have been recognized as one of the pioneer R&D companies with its unique experience and expertise in the Turkish Electronic Industry. Providing solutions throughout Turkey and across the world, our Company inaugurated office in China. Elektra have been recognized as a major exporter company with a portfolio of more than 50 countries. Today, Elektra’s solutions are being used in industrial, railway, medical, automation, military, naval and such related systems in 5 continents.

Other Turkish Manufacturers of Transformers