Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers in Turkey: Top Turkish Suppliers of Fiber Optic Cables

Turkish cable manufacturers usually make copper and aluminum cables. However, tehre are a few companies who manufacture fiber optic cables.

These Turkish  fiber optic cable manufacturers are listed in this post.

You can see the fiber optic cable manufacturers and contact them by visiting their websites.

Turkish fiber optic cable manufacturers who are listed in our post are:

  1. Hes Cable
  2. ETK Cable
  3. Turkuaz Cable
  4. Hesfibel
List of turkish fiber optic cable manufacturers

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1) HES Cable Turkey

Hes Fiber Optic cable Turkey

The leading manufacturer of Fiber Optic Cables

Hes Cable is a company among the top 500 Manufacturers in Turkey. HES has been manufacturing cables since 1974. They have manufacturing facilities for fiber optic cables.

Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers in Turkey 1
Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers in Turkey 2

2) ETK Cable

etk fiber optic cable manufacturer

Fiber Optic Cables: 

  • Cat 5e S-UTP Havai PE
  • Drop Cable
  • Duplex Zipcord – J-V(ZN)H
  • KPD-P-A
  • mdMLT-SJ-(D) – A-DQ2Y
  • microSLT-NMA-SHFJ-(AY06) – U-DQ(ZN)H
  • miniSLT-NMA-SHFJ-(GY12) – U-DQ(ZN)H
  • MLT-SA-DJ-(GY12)-(D)
  • More..

In the year 2001, ETK Kablo built its fiber optic cable manufacturing facility to adjust the changing and evolving technology and now ETK Kablo has one of the highest capacity on fiber optic cables. In its current fiber optic cable manufacturing facility, it is capable of manufacturing fiber optic cables up to 432 optical fiber cores, various single mode and various multi-mode, mini, microduct, armored, multi armored, non-metallic armored, single loose tubed, multi loose tubed, tight buffered, hybrid, composite, flame retardant, fire resistant, single jacketed, multi jacketed, messenger wired, all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS), other various types according to the customer specifications.

ETK Kablo is a member of ETK Group which is dealing with cable manufacturing, telecommunication infrastructure, sewerage infrastructure, hydraulic infrastructure, natural gas infrastructure, highway construction and real estate construction. ETK Kablo, which’s main principle is quality, is founded in 1979 in Istanbul, Turkey to manufacture telephone cables. ETK Kablo became a global leading manufacturer and exporter of low current and fiber optic cables within years, correctly applied the reshaped needs with its completely computer aided machinery, expert and experienced personnel abiding to the international standards and norms.

Production is made in Sancaktepe, Istanbul, Turkey in an indoors facility of 15000 square meters (161500 square foot.) which is built on 40000 square meters (431000 square foot.). With its 185 personnel, high turnover, continuous export to more than 70 countries, wide product range, its high manufacturing capacity on copper cables and fiber optic cables, fast production lines running with the superior technology and continuous export awards made ETK Kablo one of the most fundamental companies of the industry.

fiber optic cables

3) Turkuaz Fiber Optic Cables Manufacturer

Turkuaz Cable, Inc. has been a leading telecommunication cables manufacturer, serving both to the domestic and international markets, since 2000. We contribute in the telecommunication industry through the production of fiber optic cables, data cables and copper insulated telecommunication cables. Turkuaz Cable brought a modern manner to the Turkish Cable industry by combining flexible operations with high quality products. We provide superior products and services through our manufacturing plant and headquarters based in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey. Turkuaz Cable combine the modern developments in the cable industry at its manufacturing plant of 20000 m2 area by nearly 100 skillful personnel. It is our core value to go beyond the customer satistaction and respond fast to customer requests by offering remarkable products and services.

4) Hesfibel

hesfibel cables

Undersea Fiber Optic Cables & Accessories Production
Submarine Fiber Optical Cable Joint Box
Repeated Submarine Optical Cable
Unrepeated Submarine Optical Cable
AC Submarine Cable With Rated Voltage From 6kV to 500kV
AC Submarine Cable With Rated Voltage up to 66kV (Lead Free)
DC Submarine Cable With Rated Voltage From±10kV to±525kV
XLPE insulation lead sheathed single-core submarine cable of rated voltage 110kV and 220kV
XLPE or EPR insulated optical fiber composite submarine cable of rated voltage up to and including 35kV
XLPE or EPR insulated and lead sheathed water-proof three-core submarine cable of rated voltage up to and including 35kV
Universal Joint/ Universal Quick Joint for Submarine Cables

Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers in Turkey 3

Hesfibel was established in Kayseri, Turkey in 1990 with the goal of producing Submarine Fiber Optic Cable, Submarine Power Cables.
From the very beginning, Hesfibel has been a leader in defining the undersea cable industry. We continue that proud tradition today as we drive ever-improving quality and efficiency of undersea data transmission. Hesfibel designs manufacture, deploys, maintains, and operates mode networks whit an industry-leading track record for delivery and performances, providing the most comprehensive technical and marine expertise, whit the highest quality, and most reliable solutions.
From 1998, Hesfibel developed an offshore service provider to copy with demanding requirements of customers around the world, specialized in Submarine Cable & Flexible Pipeline Installation and maintenance with DP Vessels, ROVs, and other suitable equipment.

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