Top 5 Plastic Injection Machines Manufacturers in Turkey

In this post you will learn what are the top 5 plastic injection machine manufacturers in Turkey, and will see their contact details and website links.

Turkey’s plastic injection molding machinery manufacturers offer good quality at affordable costs.

Top 5 Plastic Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers in Turkey

1) Hurmak Plastic Injection Molding Machinery

Hurmak plastic injection machines manufacturer in Turkey

Experience Over 50 Years

Since the day it was established back in 1969, Hürmak Machinery has always been one of the leading and most trusted solution partners in the Turkish plastics industry. Hürmak machines have proven their durability and reliability many times over these years and today, with many machines in the market still running even after more than 30 years of tedious production. With placing the customer satisfaction and efficient after-sales service of the machines on the top of our priorities list, Hürmak became the most experienced and trusted company for injection molding machines in Turkey through its almost half a century life span. With its machines that are designed, crafted and produced competely in Turkey, Hürmak enjoys a great appreciation and demand from both local market and international markets. With this demand and growth, Hürmak was awarded as being one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey in 2013.

Zenith Series

Zenith series is the model line up with innovative two-platen hydraulic clamping system. It consists of seven different models between 110 and 1000 tons of clamping force. Models above 1000 tons of clamping force are be developed on demand.

Hurmak Zenith plastic injection machine

Eco Series

ECO Series is the base model line of machines. It has a traditional mechanic toggle type clamp and consists of eleven different models between 100 and 750 tons of clamping force.

Top 5 Plastic Injection Machine Manufacturers in Turkey 1

Low Pressure Molding Machine

The low pressure injection process does not damage the electronic components in the mould cavity area and ensures complete isolation from external factors such as dust, water.

Due to the viscosity of the material, it is almost impossible to remove it from the cables that have obtained a shape, which makes it an ideal solution for grouping objects. The servomotor pump ensures the precision and integrity of the injection process.

Top 5 Plastic Injection Machine Manufacturers in Turkey 2

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2) Sarac Plastic Injection Machinery

Sarac plastic injection machinery

New generation ServoTech injection moulding machines

For more than 50 years, Sarac Plastic Technologies have supplied highly reliable plastic processing machines worldwide with dependable service and competitive prices. Many years of experience in the plastics industry has enabled us to have a comprehensive understanding of markets, processes, technologies and customer-specific requirements. Our customer satisfaction has earned Sarac a reputation as one of the world's leading suppliers in the plastic machinery industry. With our factory stretching to an area of 5.000 m2 and a dedicated team of highly qualified 30 engineers and technicians Sarac can provide effective solutions for its customers requirements.

SARAC manufactures a wide range of new generation ServoTech injection moulding machines built to European standards utilising proven high-quality European brand components. We provide servo energy saving hydraulic injection moulding machines with high speed and two-platen options. Machines can also be built to specific to customers requirements our moulding machines are exported worldwide, with a comprehensive network of sales and service agents to look after all your after sales needs.

SRC-TS Servotech Series

30 – 2100 Ton New Generation Energy Efficient plastic injection moulding machines.

SRC Energy saving injection moulding machines keep plastic manufacturers in the lead by offering competitive solutions to packaging, automotive and houseware industries. With the proven modular design of the SRC, Sarac engineers can quickly provide effective real-world solutions for any application. Our experts guide you through the process from machine selection and optimization, through part design, to complete process solutions – including mold, automation and auxiliary equipment.


SRC-HS High Speed Series

270 – 460 Ton High Speed injection moulding machines.

SRC-HS Series is specifically designed for high-speed moulding of packaging products such as caps, closures, fast food containers, and other thin-wall products. It uses advanced technology to provide the best designs and reliable performance with a short moulding cycle time.

Top 5 Plastic Injection Machine Manufacturers in Turkey 3

SRC-DP Two-Platen Series

600 – 3300 Ton Servo Hydraulic Two-platen plastic injection moudling machines.

SRC – DP Two-Platen injection moulding machines give a great deal of advantages with its unique, compact machine design, Servo System and German gearbox electric screw drive. Large products with higher shot weights like white goods, automotive and industrial parts can be manufactured on less floor space.

Due to the viscosity of the material, it is almost impossible to remove it from the cables that have obtained a shape, which makes it an ideal solution for grouping objects. The servomotor pump ensures the precision and integrity of the injection process.

SRC-DP Sarac Two Platen plastic injection moulding machines

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3) Ekin Machinery

Ekin Machinery Plastic Injection

Ekin was established in 1994 in Istanbul/Turkey

When calendars show 1995; continued its production in Bayrampasa of 500 m² area with 15 people, this year integrated its PC based control system to its products, Ekin150Ton and Ekin 240 Ton R & D started to work and production was completed in the same year.

Ekin has now a 19.000 sqm modern factory in Istanbul and manufacturing plastic injection machines up to 800 Tons.

Horiziontal Injection Machines

The ORION series where many innovations were made and the most up-to-date design were obtained in the vise unit. The piston clamping clamp structure developed in 30 to 400 Ton models has been tightened centrally and there is no need for lubrication system. In addition to high strength structure, wide column intervals and euromap standarts are made available with their latest versions.

Top 5 Plastic Injection Machine Manufacturers in Turkey 4

Vertical Injection Machines

  • Single Station Solid Table Vertical Injection Machines
  • Single Station Sliding Table Vertical Injection Machines
  • Double Station Sliding Table Vertical Injection Machines
  • Double Station Rotary Table Vertical Injection Machines
Top 5 Plastic Injection Machine Manufacturers in Turkey 5

Special Production Machines

  • Horizontal dual color swivel table
  • Additional injection unit implementation
  • Type C steep injections
  • T type steep injections
  • L-type vertical locking horizontal injections
  • Micro injections for very small parts
C Type vertical plastic injection machines

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4) ASM Plasmak

ASM Plasmak

ASM Plasmak was established in 1986

ASM Plasmak is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection machi nes & equipment in Turkey. Situated in Umraniye Istanbul.

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5) Orplast

Top 5 Plastic Injection Machine Manufacturers in Turkey 6

Orplast Makina was established in 1989

Founded in 1989 as a private company, our company changed its legal form in 1992 as Orplast Plastic and Machinery Industry and Trade Limited Company (In Turkish; Orplast Plastik Ve Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi). Orplast Plastic manufactures vertical and horizontal plastic injection machines, contract printing works and rebuilds injection machines, and in addition to these, it manufactures machines of different tonnages and features for the needs of various sectors (shoes, optics, electrical materials, textile accessories, automobile spare parts etc.) and exports them to many countries.

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