Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers: Ball Joint, Tie Rod End, Stabilizer Links Turkey

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Did you know that Turkey is a huge manufacturer of automotive parts having thousands of trusted and prosperous company who manufacture hundreds of types of parts for automotive industry including steering and suspension parts. 

  1. Teknorot
  2. Ditas
  3. AYD
  4. Rota
  5. ETS

and other manufacturers are here.

Almost all car manufacturers in the world have a connection with Turkish suppliers in some way. We can easily say that these Turkish manufacturers all export their products. 

In Turkey thousands of factory engaged in manufacturing of auto parts offer products for both OEM and aftermarket.

Some companies are well known in the World by industry sector people, whereas some companies only known to importers who import automotive parts from Turkey.

Our focus here is steering and suspension parts which include:

  • Ball Joints / Ball Joint Kits
  • Tie Rod End
  • Stabilizer Link / Sway Bar Link
  • Suspension Control Arm
  • Torque Rod
  • Idler Arm
  • Axial Joint
  • Pitman Arm
  • Drag Link
  • and more…

Below listed companies are all verified companies who are active in manufacturing and export. All checked by us and all these companies have their own factories. No one is a trader.

The list has no specific order… 

Steering and Suspension parts manufacturers

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Teknorot Steering suspension parts manufacturer

1) Teknorot Steering & Suspension Parts

Teknorot is Europe’s leading manufacturer of steering and suspension components for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry. starting its sector journey with local capital in 1992, Teknorot, today, continues its production at its facilities, which has a total area of 90.000 m², 65.000 m² of it being indoors and including a large machine park , with more than 1500 employees in Düzce Industrial Zone. When its global facilities included, our company serves automotive industry with over 1800 employees and 120.000 m² production area. Inline with the growth in aftermarket and increase in demand, our production started in June 2008 with full capacity in Düzce plant. Düzce production plant symbolizes the high technology as well as the sense of combining new production methods with high quality. 90% of the production is exported to more than 85 countries, mainly in European region. In addition to more than 12000 references, every year, over 900 new products are added to our product portfolio.

Teknorot Products

Teknorot delivers product groups containing sheet metal wishbones, aluminum, forged and cast iron control arms, ball joints, tie rods, tie rod ends, link stabilizers and other rubber/metal parts to the world through its production and distribution centers in Turkey Spain, India and China.

Ditas Logo Turkey


Ditaş Doğan Yedek Parça İmalat and Teknik A.Ş. was established in year 1972 for producing steering and suspension system parts such as rod ends, ball joints, drag links, track control arms, torque rods, stabilizer links and V- Torque rods and became operational in year 1978. Today, Ditaş is the biggest OE rod producer in Turkey with a production capacity of four and a half million pieces per annum. DITAŞ, of which the majority of shares is owned by Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş., with its more than 30 years of successful experience has been supplying high quality original products not only to the local but also to the overseas vehicle manufacturers. DITAŞ, owing to its high quality products, integrated facilities and experience, is protecting its leader position in the Turkey market which is shared also by some of the biggest OE rod producers of the world. It has taken important steps on the way of becoming both a supplier of Genuine OEM Parts and a recognized trade mark in automotive spare part market in the world. 80% of Ditaş domestic OEM production is for commercial vehicles and 20% of it is for passenger cars. 25% of total domestiv production is for local spare part distributers.



rod end

The steering wheel  connects the tie- rod with the slant neck. In the conventional type suspension systems, it provides the rotation of the slant neck around the steering knuckle. In the MacPherson suspension systems the steering knuckle is replaced by the rod end. The rod end consists of a knuckle and a shaft. The steering wheel transmits the movement from the tie- rod to the slant neck. As the result of the driving power created in this way, the wheels are turning perpendicularly to the road centerline. The external shaft of he rod end is adjustable. In this way the rod end length can be changed becoming adjustable during assembly.

ROTA steering suspension parts manufacturer

3) NSK Group - ROTA Steering & Suspension Parts

The company has been established in 1950’s and manufacturing steering and suspension parts since 1982 under the brand of ROTA. ROTA manufacture over 10.800 OEM references product such as tie rod end, ball joint, centre rod, axial joint, triangular torque rod, torque rod and repair kit for commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors, construction machines and special vehicles. Specialized in producing low volume, wide variety, customer oriented solutions products and holding ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates, ROTA makes a difference in its sector as an original equipment manufacturer with original product warranty, product liability and after-sales service support.

Stabilizer Links Tie Rods Ball Joints manufacturer

ROTA produces the products in integrated factory with its molding, hot forging, rubber metal, R&D, engineering, production planning, production, quality, assembling, packaging, logistics departments. Manufactured products are served to business partners by sales and marketing team.

Exporting 85% of its production and supplying 20% to OEM-OES industry customers, ROTA adds value to environment with its technology and an innovative, environment friendly production understanding of high standards.

ETS Automotive parts

4) ELBIR - ETS Automotive

Elbir was founded in 1986 by two brothers Mr Ahmet Zayim and Mr Sabri Zayim . Our factories are located in ISTANBUL and GEBZE /TURKEY. We manufacture Steering & Suspension parts such as Ball Joint, Tie Rod End, Axial Joint, Stabilizer Link, Track Control Arms Rubber & Bushing parts and Engine Mountings for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

ETS Automotive parts factory Turkey
AYD Automotive Konya Turkey

5) AYD- Aydinlar Automotive Parts

Was founded in 1975 as the first steering and suspension producer of Turkey; and has supplied acceleration to the sector with the improving institutional structure and fast growing producing power that it has. Over 36 million items annual producing capacity and 18 thousand product range places AYD to the position of leadership within the sector in the World. Its entrepreneurial, powerful, dynamic, and innovative structure is the locomotive of AYD. All under one roof producing policy provides AYD a unique structure that every step from the first phase of production to the final delivery is specialized aiming customer satisfaction. 38 years of experience and the expert stuff who are specialized on their field are the key points of AYD’s customer satisfaction. Passenger, commercial and heavy commercial vehicles for their European, American and Asian applications are produced with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 2701: 2013 TS EN ISO 14001: 2015 ve IATF 16949: 2016 certificates under one roof in AYD. AYD services with a various range of; Ball Joint, Centre Rod, Draglink, Tie Rod, Track Control Arm, Repair Kit, Tie Rod End, Wishbone, Stabilizer, Idler Arm, V Bar, Axial Joint and Bushing to its special customers; and always proud of being known as a trustable, specialized, fast, qualified and competitive partner by its customers.

Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers 1
  • Was founded in 1975
  • 360.000 m2 total producing plant
  • 3.100 personnel
  • 3.600.000 item producing capacity per month
  • 30.000 product range
  • 20.000 passenger and commercial product range
  • 10.000 heavy commercial product range
  • 1500 new item per year
  • 50 countries export range
Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers 2

6) Kapimsan Automotive Parts

Kapimsan started to manufacture suspension parts for passenger cars, it added firstly the production of track control arms and continued to add product groups such as ball joints, tie rod ends, link stabilizers and control arms to its product range. In the field of automotive spare parts is Kapimsan a company, that manufactures track control arms in accordance with its customers orders. Kapimsan exports 80% of its produced products to its customers that live abroad. Company operates in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certificate of Conformity received from the TÜV NORD Certification Body. Kapimsan despatches error-free products to its customers that are in accordance with their demands.

Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers 3
Ege Rot steering and suspension parts manufacturer

7) Ozteknik Oto Ege Rot

Suspension & Steering Parts EGEROT products are the highest risk ranking products on vehicles in terms of failure and causing fatal accidents. Products are designed and developed by senior engineers by 100% following vehicle manufacturer’s material and operational requirement. Developed products are validated on static and dynamic test benches beside the life vehicle tests before offering to our customers.

Tie Rod Ends and Rod Assemblies by Egerot

Tie Rod Ends and Rod assemblies are vehicles’ steering parts which are carrying vertical and horizontal static and dynamic forces. Due to road conditions like vibration or fall into the holes, tie rods carry vertical forces, due to the vehicle wheels turn to right or left, tie rods carry horizontal forces. Steering wheel’s moves transform by steering box to pull or push action and vehicle is directed to left or right by tie rods and rod assemblies. 


Track Control Arms are connecting parts of differential axles to the vehicle chassis in order to control vehicle’s tracking forces during acceleration and breaking. Due to the suspension and load carrying capacity, these parts are highly important parts for the new generation vehicles.

Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers 4

8) PRS Auto Parts

With the start of automotive sector in Turkey , Profil Sanayi started its activities in field of formed steel base, mounted, painted parts, and mold manufacturing in field of automotive supply industry in 1996. Our company works directly with many OEM companies both in Turkey and Europe. Our main customers are Tofaş-Fiat, Ford Otosan, Ford, Toyota, Toyotetsu, Toyota Boschoku, PSA, Mercedes and Land Rover. Since 1982, Profil Sanayi has also produced front suspension systems for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles under the brand name of PRS Steering and Suspension Parts. With its current capacity and 46 years experience, it is one of the biggest manufacturers of Turkey an Europe in OEM and OE'S markets, as well as aftermarket. Profil Sanayi has all the necessary CAD-CAE and measuring devices in order to develop and manufacture new products. Having Ford Q1, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 14001 quality system certificates, it completely fulfills the requirements of quality standards in manufacturing. By means of its own hot steel forging, machining, mold design, mold manufacturing, cold sheet metal forming, robotic welding lines, robotic assembly lines and the latest technology laboratory equipment, it is able to produce all the orders for customers. With our technological investments, customer-oriented service approach and innovative aspect, we strive for Absolute Customer Satisfaction and believe that our experience and commitment to quality is the key to our success and continual growth.

Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers 5


Wishbone & Track Control Arm
Wishbone is a part of vehicle suspension system and forms a whole with axle carriers, steering system components, stabilizer bars, spring and shock absorbers in front suspension systems. Wishbones keep tires properly position and limit their movements against the forces from various directions, but allow only their vertical movement, up and down direction. In other words, they meet the lateral and braking forces the vehicle is exposed to. The wishbone is attached to the frame using bushings to enable it to swing up and down. The whisbone is also attached to the steering knuckle by a ball joint. Different from the three-point connection in the wishbone, in the control arm there is a two-point connection consisting of a ball joint and a bushing. According to their positions of connection to the chassis and the direction of the tres, they are called the upper or lower and the left or right wishbones, respectively.

Bushings are placed vertically or horizontally on the wishbones and provide their connection to the vehicle chassis. According to their positions on the wishbones, they are called the right-left, front-rear and center bushings.

Ball Joint
Ball joints are designed to make the connection between the wishbone and the steering knuckle. It is always installed at the triangular corner of the wishbone. Depending on the use of upper or lower wishbones, they are called the upper or lower ball joints.

Tie Rod End
The tierod end is a part of car’s steering system and together with the axial joint they are used to link the steering gear to the steering knuckle. Its length can be adjustable during assembly. As they offer an important function to a car’s steering system and therefore a car’s overall safety, it is recommended that tie rod ends be inspected on a regular basis, just like the other steering and suspension parts mentioned here.

Axial Joint
The axial joint is the part that makes the connection between the pitman arm and the tie rod end.

Link Stabilizer
Stabilizer links are parts of a car’s suspension system and together with stabilizer bars they are used to try to keep the car’s body from rolling in sharp turns by moving force from one side of the body to another.

Soya SRR steering and suspension parts

9) Soyda Automotive - SRR

Soyda Automotive parts established in 1986. They manufacture steering and suspension parts in Konya Turkey. They manufacture and export Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Stabilizer Links mainly for automomotive and commercial vehicles.

Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers 6

10) Disa Automotive

Disa Automotive is a privately owned, self financed, incorporated company and its Headquarters and Production Plant is located in Ergene-Corlu, Turkey. Ergene-Corlu is a border town to Istanbul. In Stuttgart - Germany, Disa Automotive GmbH is our regional office that supports our customers and for sales and marketing activities of gears and precision machined parts. With its roots going back to 1960's, Disa was established in 1990 and it is a technology focused prime manufacturer of Premium Quality Suspension & Steering Parts, Gears and Precision Machined Parts for the Automotive OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers and the Global Aftermarket.

Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers 7


Suspension & Steering Parts Production

Production of Link Stabilizers, Inner Tie Rod Ends (Axial Joints), Outer Tie Rod Ends, Ball Joints,
Cross Axis Joints, Bushings, Wishbones, Track Control Arms.

Currently designs and manufactures under license of many well known European and
American Trademarks & Corporations.

Private Branding and Packaging under Customer Trademark or Neutral production.

European, Japanese, Korean and North American applications.

Disa Automotive is a technology focused manufacturer of high quality suspension & steering parts for OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Global Aftermarket and serving customers for more than 25 years.

Over 4.000 items in production portfolio.

Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers 8

11) Oskim Automotive

OSKIM AUTOMOTIVE offer you and your customers safe and comfortable drive with excellent experience Steering and Suspension products for automotive and railway industry on wide range on all brands and models. High strength material implementation, R&D projects , tooling product development and special projects are some of the business models that OSKIM serves its customers supported by a highly innovative, inventive and dynamic team. OSKIM is one of the precious automotive suppliers worldwide.

sio automotive parts Turkey Germany

12) Sio Automotive

Your specialist for Steering and Suspension parts... SIO Automotive was established in 1991 in Istanbul as the first initiative dedicated to the aftermarket in Turkey. In 1996, a new production facility had been built from the green field in Corlu - Tekirdag. In year 1998, a JV had been established with a German group. Following the acquisition of the Turkish founder's shares by the German group in 2007, SIO has been totally restructured. More than 24 Million Euros of investments have been realised and SIO Automotive has been transformed into a hi-tech and modern production facility. Our range of over 3,000 articles is confined to steering and suspension. SIO Automotive is exporting %96 of the production mainly to Europe, and distributed to all over the world. The factory is located in Corlu-Tekirdag, 120 km from Istanbul and with easy access to the highway linking Turkey to Europe. We have a workforce of nearly 400 people and with the addition of our new factory, total floor space has extended to 27100 square meters.

Top 17 Turkish Steering & Suspension Parts Manufacturers 9

Aluminium Control Arms

Track control arms serve as the interface between the chassis and the wheel end assembly. They are responsible of allowing for independent vertical travel of the wheels. Aluminium control arms are preferred due to their low weight, leading fewer emissions and greater fuel economy. Aluminium can offer a weight saving of up to 55% compared to an equivalent steel structure that matches the strength.

Steel Control Arms

Steel control arms are functionally same as aluminium control arms, but generally with a more traditional design and heavier. Track control arms serve as the interface between the chassis and the wheel end assembly. They are responsible of allowing for independent vertical travel of the wheels.

Ball Joints Leaf Type

Leaf type ball joints basically serve as the pivot point between the tyre and the suspension. Leaf Type Ball Joints are forged then machined. They are usually attached to sheet metal wishbones.

Ball Joints Cassette Type

Cassette type ball joints basically serve as the pivot point between the tyre and the suspension. They are usually attached to wishbones or control arms.

Stabilizer Links

Stabilizer bar, or sway bar as it is more commonly known, controls body roll during a turn. The stabilizer links are used to attach the stabilizer to the lower control arms of the vehicle.


Draglink is the arm that joins the steering box to the passenger side wheel.

Axial Joints

Connects directly to the end of the rack, providing the connection to the outer tie rod ends. It is mainly used in rack & pinion type steering systems. The purpose is to transfer the force, which is transformed from the circular motion of the pinion into the horizontal linear motion of the rack, to the left and right wheels.

Tie Rod Ends Inner Thread

A tie rod end is basically a flexible coupling in the steering linkage that connects the tie rods to the steering knuckles.


RIW Auto parts manufacturer

13) RIW Automotive Parts

RIW Otomotiv Dağıtım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş is an organization that produces high quality suspension and steering parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industr. RIW aims to improve the automotive industry and benefit the country's economy with the target of safely using the vehicle by the end user. As one of the widest range steering and suspension parts manufacturer in the world, production and assembling facilitieis of RIW contains operations of the following product lines in steering and suspenion group for the aftermarket; ball joint, tie rod end, axial joint (inner tie rod), tie rod assembly, link stabilizer, center rot, control arm, wishbone, bush, mount and rubber products.

Bagen steering suspension parts

14) SAB Automotive - Bagen

SAB Automotive Group, BAGEN located in Europe and Turkey, is a leader in Automotive Steering & Suspension Parts, as well as Air tanks and a major quality partner for heavy truck (HCV), business machines (CV) producers. A focused supplier for OE and aftermarket, BAGEN-branded products are synonymous with cutting-edge technology. BAGEN serves tier-1 heavy truck manufacturer across EMEA and executes roadmaps on behalf of leading brands worldwide. BAGEN drives customers' designs, validates their system, licenses respective technology, and supports implementation towards full commercialization. BAGEN is an expert group in the automotive Air tanks, Steering & Suspension systems with technical staff specializing across the various technologies of V-Stay Bar, Track Control Arm, Tie Rod End, Centre Drag Link, Torque Rod, Ball Joint, Stabilizer Link, and Repair Kit for Heavy or Light spare parts Components. This unique trait allows for a truly holistic view on product and system design. BAGEN operates out of Turkey and Netherland, and is privately held.

SAB Auto products
Pars Rot

15) Pars Rot

Pars Rot and Rotil are located on the Asian side of Istanbul. Our company manufactures all variety items of road vehicles (Ball Joint, Tie Rod End, Link Stablizer, Axial Joint , Control Arms and other parts of suspension kits) since 1989. Our dynamic and strong customer network in the overseas markets are increasing rapidly with our domestic market share.


16) RMC Rot

RMC is a steering and suspension parts manufacturer in Turkey. Products include: Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends and Stabilizer Link Bars

totik automotive

17) Totik Auto Parts

Totik Otomotiv manufactures steering and suspension parts since 1988.

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