10 Best Turkish Marble Companies & Exporters of Marble Blocks & Slabs from Turkey

Turkish marbles manufacturers and exporters are doing a very good job in World Markets due to the high demand for many types of Turkish marbles which have beautiful patterns and high quality. Turkey is a top source for natural stones like Marbles and has many manufacturers and exporters of Marble blocks and processed marble slabs and even tiles.

Top marble companies in Turkey:

  1. Tumas Marble
  2. Afyon Marble
  3. Alpay Mermer
  4. Alacakaya
  5. Arel Marbles
  6. Ece Marble
  7. Tureks
  8. Dimer
  9. Sirmersan Turkish Marble Company
  10. Bekamar

If you are looking for relaible Marble suppliers from Turkey, this list will be very useful.

best turkish marble suppliers

In the list of Turkish marble manufacturers and suppliers of marbles from Turkey has no specific order. You can contact the companies by visiting their websites or through their social madia pages which are covered here.

Tumas A Leading Turkish Marbles Manufacturer in Turkey

Tumas marble from Turkey

Tumas Marble is a Denizli based large Turkish marble manufacturer having more than thousand employee and operating many quarries around Turkey.

Tumas opened its first commercial quarry in 1986, and since them has grown to a giant marble company in Turkey and in the World.


Afyon Marble from Turkey

Afyon Marble from Turkey

Afyon Mermer is one of the leading Turkish marble manufacturers in Turkey, who started its operations as a quarry owner and manufacturer in Afyon city,1987.

Afyon Mermer is a big exporter of marbles from Turkey offering different styles and qualities of marbles extracted from different quarries.

The Offered Turkish Marble Types are:

  • Stingray
  • Mugla New York
  • Mugla Lilac
  • Bursa Beige
  • Bursa Rose
  • Mugla White

Alpay Mermer

Turkish marble manufacturer Alpay Mermer

Alpay Marble Mining was founded in 1996 by the late Gökhan Alpay. The company, which started as a small quarry operation in the Kavaklıdere region of Muğla, today; It continues on its way with a 125-hectare quarry area in Muğla, an 80-hectare quarry license in Manisa that is not yet active, and two factories.

With Muğla White Marble, Muğla Gray Marble and Manisa Beige Marble among its products, Alpay Mermer Madencilik has various products including block, slab and cut-to-size marble.

Exporting 95 percent of its products processed in the factory since 2002, Alpay Marble Madencilik is known in Turkey and the world as one of the few successful and reliable marble companies.

Marble Quarries and Factories owned by Alpay Marble:

Alacakaya: One of the Top Turkish Marbles Manufacturers & Exporters

Alacakaya Marble

Alacakaya Marble was founded in Elazig Turkey, in 1984. They are a large manufacturer and exporter of famous marbles from Turkey. The Elazig Visne – Rosso Levanto and Bottocino Royal are the main marble types they manufacture and supply to Worldwide markets.

75% of their production are exported to many countries from Middle East, Far East, Europe and America.

Besides manufacturing in Standard measures, Alacakaya Marble also has the capacity of meeting all demands by manufacturing in specific measures.

Arel Stone

Arel Stone Turkish Marbles supplier

Arel Stone is a Turkish natural stones and marbles supplier from Turkey with a focus on exports.

They can supply almost all types of Turkish marbles.

The Arel Marble company is located in Antalya, Turkey.

10 Best Turkish Marbles Manufacturers & Exporters 22

Ece Marble


Ece Marble is a Denizli city headquartered marble manufacturer company from Turkey.

They have 24 marble quarries around Turkey, and a marble factory in Denizli.

Tureks A Leading Turkish Marbles Exporter


Tureks has been one of the leading natural stone companies in Turkey since 1982, supplying high-quality and unparalleled variety of Turkish marble, travertine, limestone and onyx to clients world-over, with its advanced organizational structure and high level of technology. Tureks has always considered its customers and employees as the cornerstone of its management policy.

Tureks Supply:

Dimer Marble

dimer marble
The journey of Dimer Marble, Started with the Quarrying in 1986, Till 1997 Dimer formed a factory included 30 employees, two quarries and one managing office.
In 2000 our employees number in the formed factory located in Diyarbakir increased to 100. Then in a short term, by increasing the number of the quarries to three, and with our factory located in Diyarbakir’s industrial zone, along with the block’s production, with producing different sized finished marble stones our products now are marketed all over the world.
Today Dimer Marble continuing to grow with a production capacity of 1 million meters square and nearly 500 employees, is day by day solidifying its place among the world’s most powerful companies .


Simersan Marble

As Sirmersan Marble, which has transformed the texture of nature into living spaces beyond your dreams since 1991, giving a second life to nature, with the vision of being a universal value; For those who want to see the art in nature wherever they look, we bring together technology and aesthetics with our experienced employees who have an innovative approach and we make it available with our mission to give meaning to natural stone.

Bekamar Turkish Marble Manufacturer

Bekamar marble

Bekamar is a marble manufacturer in Turkey, located in Izmir.

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