Top Turkish Olive Oil Brands Manufacturers & Facts

Turkish olive oil is being much more popular around the World for good reasons. We will share with you some facts in this post.

We will introduce top olive oil manufacturers and brands here so you can contact and do business with the Turkish olive oil companies.

Turkish Olive Oil: Top Brands Manufacturers & Facts

Turkey is among the biggest oil producing countries in the World. Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Tunisia are some other big producers.

In 2022, Turkish olive oil companies manufactured around 420.000 tons. 

In the post we covered:

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  • Other Turkish Olive Oil Manufacturers

Turkish Olive Oil Facts

1. Production

Best Turkish Olive Oil Brands & Manufacturers 1

Turkey is among the World’s top 5 olive oil producing countries.

Turkish Olive oil companies produced:

  • 235.000 Tons in 2021
  • 421.000 Tons in 2022

The production of olives for making olive oil mostly concentrated in cities like Balikesir, Aydin, Bursa & Izmir.

Turkish olive oil has been produced for thousands of years, and its history can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who first introduced olive cultivation to the region.

The Turkish government has established strict regulations for the production and labeling of olive oil in order to ensure its quality and authenticity.

2. Export

Turkey has been the 6th largest exporter of Olive oil in 2021 with 170 Million USD revenue.

The top country was Spain with and export value of 3.87 Billion USD.

Top 3 importing countries of Turkish olive oil was USA, Spain & Japan.

3. Other Turkish Olive Oil Facts

  1. Turkish olive oil is known for its high quality and rich flavor, thanks to the country’s unique climate and soil conditions.

  2. The most common olive varieties used to produce Turkish olive oil are the Gemlik and the Ayvalık, which are both native to Turkey.

  3. Turkish olive oil is a staple ingredient in many traditional Turkish dishes, such as dolma, muhammara, and çiğ köfte.

  4. The city of Ayvalık, located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, is famous for its high-quality olive oil and is home to many olive oil producers.

  5. Turkish olive oil is not only used for cooking and food, but also for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, as it is believed to have various health benefits.

  6. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Turkish olive oil among international consumers, who are discovering its unique flavor and health benefits.

Top Turkish Olive Oil Brands

1. Verde Turkish Olive Oil Brand (Olioverde)

Verde brand turkish olive oil

Verde was established in 1996 in İzmir, Turkey, TRK Group has been pursuing its success with Verde trademark in olive-oil production.

Registration of Verde trademark in Italy for 49 years in the first years of stepping into olive-oil sector is an explicit indication of objective of Verde in the olive-oil sector.

Verde utilizes Turkish, Italian, German and Swedish technology. Verde is a corporation, always keeping up with the contemporary advancements of the point of time in terms of fund of knowledge, and highly placing emphasize on investing to human capital in parallel with the technological investments.

Verde, which has achieved many successes in its quarter-century business life, is known as the leading company in introducing Turkish olive oil to the world. Olive oil and olive-pomace oil is the oil Verde summit taking place in both the export of Turkey, it has added one more to their success.

Verde obtains 85% of its total turnover from exports to the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Malaysia, Japan, China and many other countries and can find a place in new markets with its constantly developing export network.

Products of Verde:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pure Olive Oil
Best Turkish Olive Oil Brands & Manufacturers 2

2. Artem Oliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Artem Oliva

The roots of Artem Oliva go back a story began in 1960s, when two close friends Mustafa Candeger and Ali Naci Akman, who are also our grandfathers have come up with a dream idea: to create the purest extra virgin olive oil in a local mill with the combination of their passion and wide know-how on olives grown in Aegean Region of Turkey where nestles on the coast of the Aegean Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean.

This area is known to produce world’s finest quality olives and these two close friends simply wanted locals to experience the amazing sensation of tasting and using fresh, organic, 100% pure Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

During the following years, we have treated the graceful olives like a piece of art and the success of our products has built a strong reputation in the local market and encouraged us to expand our business to the worldwide.

Best Turkish Olive Oil Brands & Manufacturers 3

3. Oleamea

Best Turkish Olive Oil Brands & Manufacturers 4

Extra Virgin Olive Oils of Oleamea are made from 100% organic Memecik olives. Compared with other varieties, their olives have some of the highest polyphenol and oleic acid values—making them an incredible natural source of antioxidants to promote overall health.

Oleamea is a Aydin Turkey based olive oil manufacturer. They operate an online shop in the US 

Oleamea also makes great products like body lotions.

products of oleamea

4. The Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil

the mill

100% natural and additive-free extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold pressing method from high-quality olives.

The Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil received the highest award “3 STAR TASTE AWARD” with the evaluation made by the International Taste Institute’s best Chefs & Gourmet juries in Brussels.

The Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil was highly appreciated by the jury members for its pungency and perfection.

The mill extra virgin olive oil

5. NovaVera Turkish Olive Oil Brand

Best Turkish Olive Oil Brands & Manufacturers 5

Novavera is an awarded Olive Oil brand and producer from Ayvalik Turkey.

The story of Novavera, the world-renowned olive oil producer, begins in 2018 in the fertile lands of Ayvalık. Novavera is proud to be the 6th best olive oil producer globally, as ranked in the 2020 EVOO World Quality Ranking, and the most awarded olive oil in the country. Novavera is a woman-led brand that stands for both health and a harmonious connection with nature.

Products of Novavera Olive Oil:

  • Olive Oil
  • Olive
  • Vinegar & Syrups
  • Jam & Marmalades
  • Soap
  • Local Products
  • Sauces


Turkish Olive Oil Manufacturers

1. Taris Olive Oil Manufacturer

Turkish olive oil manufacturer Taris

It is the largest establishment in the sector, organized at every level from aquaculture to the evaluation of by-products, with 28.000 producer partners, 30 modern continuous system olive squeezing facilities, olive and olive oil combination, R&D Department, laboratories accredited by the International Olive Oil Council, ISO9000 and ISO9002 Quality System Certificates.

Our founding purpose is to market, sell and distribute the products of our partners in the most effective way in domestic and foreign markets. Making the Union, which has a deep-rooted history, getting stronger and being prepared for the negative effects of globalization on our sector, constitute the basis of the idea of establishing our Company.

2. Kirlangic Turkish Olive Oil

Kirlangic olive oil

We have been bringing the flavors of nature to your table since 1953.

We added sunflower and corn oil to our journey that started with olive oil, for those who want to try different and light flavors in their kitchen. We have prepared 100% pure olive oil personal care products specially for those who seek the secret of naturalness.

kirlangic olive oil

3. Tlos Olive Oil

tlos olive oil

Tlos is a Mugla Turkey based olive oil manufacturer focused on making high polyphenol olive oils.

Fenolive is their brand in this category.

Fenolive 900+ and 750+, the levels we reached last year… They were awarded a double medal in the “Health Claim” category at the London IHOOC (International Health Olive Oil Competition) – London International Olive Oil Competition. Thus, our product has been registered internationally by independent institutions. We know that these medals are the first medals our COUNTRY received in this category.

4. Kristal Olive Oil

kristal olive oil

Kristal, being Turkey’s first branded olive oil and having pioneered and served to flourish and develop olive oil culture especially in Anatolia for generations, is a very valuable brand, it has been even more than a brand. In 1950s, while olive oil was mainly consumed in Aegean and Marmara Regions, which are the olive oil production areas, Kristal had been a pioneer company introducing and adopting the habit of consuming olive oil among Turkish people in Anatolia.

Kristal is a company of firsts; it is the first brand that produced olive oil and launched its olive oil product range in tin packaging, as well as it is the first company that exported packed and branded olive oil in Turkey.

Kristal owes its strong position in the food industry to its corporate management approach, qualified and dedicated workforce, innovation and continuous improvement. The company’s short and long term plans include strengthening its position in the world markets and improving production quality and efficiency.

Kristal exports olive oil to more than 30 countries today. Representing Turkish olive oil proudly in many export markets, Kristal ownes a reputable brand name especially in the European countries where ethnic food markets high in number.

5. Kavlak Olive Oil


Our Olive and Olive Oil production, which has continued from grandfather to grandchild since the 1900s, started in 1964 under the name of KAVLAK GIDA and as of 2016, Kavlak Zeytin Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. We provide service to our valued customers in Gemlik district of Bursa.

While our company was working with 60 tons of olives per day in the “Continuous” system in 1999, today it has increased to 300 tons.