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top turkish steel manufacturers

Top Turkish Steel Manufacturers

Turkish steel manufacturers are mostly very large exporters of various type of steel products. Steel production is one of the key industries in Turkey, and many steel producers are among Turkey’s largest corporations. 

See below a list of biggest Steel manufacturerers in Turkey, with their profiles and contact details. 

Isdemir Steel

isdemir top steel manufacturer in Turkey

İsdemir is Turkey’s only integrated plant that produces long and flat products with a hot rolling capacity of 3.5 million tons/year commissioned in 2008.

İsdemir was established on 3 October 1970 by the Mediterranean coast in the south of Turkey, in Payas (Yakacık), 17 km to İskenderun. At the time, the plant was founded on a total area of 16.75 million m2, including social facilities (plant’s area: 6.8 million m2).

Commissioned in 1975 with a steel bloom production capacity of 1.1 million tons/year, İsdemir’s production capacity was increased with a plant extension to 2.2 million tons/year as of 1985.

Founded to produce long products such as pig iron, blooms, billets and reinforcing bars at international standards, İsdemir uses coke – sinter – blast furnace – steelworks – continuous casting and hot rolling processes for production.

Erdemir (Top Turkish Steel Manufacturer)

Erdemir steel Turkey

Erdemir, the main company of the OYAK Mining Metallurgy and one of the most valuable industrial assets of Turkey, was established in 1960 under a special law, in order to be the first domestic producer of flat steel, which the Turkish industry necessitates at that time.

Erdemir produces plates, hot and cold rolled, tin, chromium and zinc coated flat steel and supplies basic inputs to automotive, white goods, pipes and tubes, rolling, manufacturing, electrics-electronics, mechanical engineering, energy, heating equipment, shipbuilding, defense, and packaging industries.

Icdas Steel

icdas iron and steel

Icdaş, have been producing construction steel and alloyed steel since 1970, is the second biggest steel producer of Turkey with its production capacity.

ICDAS ranked in the 6th place among the 500 Biggest Industrial Enterprises of Turkey including the public sector in 2014, according to the determinations of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), has around 10.000 employees together with the group companies.

Being aware of the strategic significance of national steel industry for the Turkish economy and being devoted to its roots, ICDAS is the technology and quality leader in the steel industry.

Leading sector in the economies of the developed countries has always been the steel industry. Our world is developing under the glow of steel. ICDAS, being the biggest private steel producer of our country, contributes to the target of our country of reaching the level of contemporary civilizations with its elbow grease at the steel ladle.

Colakoglu Metallurgy (Steel)

Turkish steel manufac turer Colakoglu

In 1969 Çolakoğlu began producing steel in its mill in Dilovası, a town on the Gulf of İzmit east of İstanbul.

Since the very outset, Çolakoğlu has always maintained its leading position in its sector by undertaking new investments. In 1985 Çolakoğlu became the first privately-owned firm in Turkey to produce wire rod. In 1990 it added steel reinforcing bar to its product line.

Toscelik - Steel Manufacturer

Toscelik steel manufacturer Turkey

TOSÇELIK Profile and Sheet Industry Co., which operates under Tosyalı Holding, was established in 1997 in Iskenderun Industrial Zone for ERW(Electric Resistance Welding) pipe and hollow section production.

Ranked in the ISO 500 list for the first time in 2000, Tosçelik established Turkey’s most modern spiral pipe plant with the largest capacity in Osmaniye Industrial Zone in 2008. The plant started production at the beginning of 2009.

Continuing its investments without slowing down, the company produced the first special hot rolled flat product in 2009 at Tosçelik Osmaniye Structural Steel Production Plant, which had been constructed in 18 months. This investment stands out as the first flat steel production facility constructed from scratch by the private sector of the Republic of Turkey.

In 2011, the Company ranked 25th in the ISO 500 list with its exports made under the Tosçelik brand. With its investments made with the motto ‘Turkey’s global steelmaker’ and export volume increasing every year, the Company continues to rank among the top 20 companies in every edition of ISO-500 list, climbing up steadily.

Borcelik - Galvanized Steel Manufacturer

Borcelik flat galvanized Steel manufacturer

Turkey’s Biggest Galvanized Flat Steel Manufacturer

Founded in 1990 as the first private and the second largest flat steel manufacturer of Turkey, Borçelik has started its business operations in order to manufacture “cold-rolled steel rolls” in 1994.

Following its investments realized in the years 1994, 2003 and 2008 at a total investment cost of 530 million USD, Borçelik has increased its manufacturing capacity to 1.5 million tons.

Having three cold-rolling and three hot dip galvanized steel lines, Borçelik is the biggest galvanized steel manufacturer of Turkey offering the highest quality with 900 thousand tons of galvanized steel capacity

Underlying the strong market position of our Company continuing its business operations as a partnership of Borusan Holding and ArcelorMittal, one of the largest steel manufacturers of the world, are such factors as its dynamic workforce, its innovative approach, its continuous investments realized for self-development and growth, and its customer-oriented service and quality approach.

Kardemir Iron Steel

Kardemir Iron Steel Producer Turkey

The foundations of Kardemir that is the first integrated iron and steel factory of Turkey were laid by the term Prime Minister İsmet İnönü on 10th September of 1939 as one of the national industrialisation moves of the founder of our republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We fired up our first blast furnace on 9th September, 1939 and on the following day, 10th September 1939, we produced the first Turkish Iron.

We actualised the project designing, manifacturing and installation of a large number of major industrial plants by leading our country’ s industrial enterprises. Therefore; we are known in Turkey as “the factory establishing factories” and memorialized by this name.

Tat Metal - Steel

Tat Metal Steel

Tatmetal produces hot rolled pickled, cold rolled, galvanized and painted flat steel under Tatçelik brand as one of Turkey’s leading flat steel producer.   Automotive, Durable Goods, Construction, Energy and Machinery-Equipment are the leading industries it serves.

With a capacity exceeding 1.5 million tons, Tatmetal produces in many different steel grades such as commercial, deep drawing, extra deep drawing steels, low alloy high strength HSLA steels, medium and high strength structural steels and enameling steel. In addition to its production, it performs cut to lenght, slitting, roll forming processes in the Steel Service Centers in line with the demands and needs of the user.

As a global player in the sector, it exports to more than 70 countries in 6 continents and it is ranked at 31st among the first 500 largest industrial companies in Turkey.

MMK Metallurgy Steel

MMK Metallurgy steel

MMK Metalurji, which has announced its name to the world in steel letters; was established in Turkey to build a stronger future and to create permanent satisfaction in steel industry with its bright vision.

MMK Metalurji, Turkey”s largest industrial enterprise established from scratch, with a capital of 2.3 billion dollars, adds a vision to steel with its goal of adding value to the country”s economy and awareness of its global responsibilities. 

With its Kocaeli Dilovası and Hatay Dörtyol facilities, which are strategically important points in Turkey, it is in the leading position among the manufacturers of hot, galvanized and painted flat steel products with its electric arc furnace technology in the world. 

It brings together the light of science and steel in its accredited laboratories, where it serves its customers and stakeholders by using advanced technologies. 

Izmir Demir Celik

izmir demir çelik steel manufacturer

Izmir Demir Çelik Sanayi A.Ş. (İDÇ) was founded in 1975 in the Aliağa Heavy Industry Zone to produce construction iron, began operating its rolling facilities in 1983, its steel facility in 1987 and has been continuing to produce in the sector for 47 years.

In 2013 the company took over a profile rolling mill designed by SIEMENS / PRIMETALS TECHNOLOGIES to expand its range of products. The objective of this 400,000 ton annual capacity profile mill is to establish İDÇ as a brand in profile production.

Izmir Demir Çelik Sanayi A.Ş. continues its yearly production of 1,500,000 tons liquid steel and 1,000,000 tons rebar iron in its 500 thousand square meter space at the Izmir Aliağa Facilities.

Izmir Demir Çelik Sanayi A.Ş. produces 150 x 150 billets for its own construction rebar production and 180 x 180, 220 x 220 and 280 x 220 blooming billets for its profile rolling mill at its steel mill and 08-040 mm construction rebar at its Integrated Rolling Mill Facility.

Tosyali Toyo Steel

Tosyali Toyo Steel

As the leading flat steel and steel pipe producer in the Turkish private sector, Tosyalı Holding signed a cooperation agreement with the international Japan-based giant Toyo Kohan in February 2012 with respect to the steel products manufactured with the state-of-the-art technology.

The foundations of Tosyalı Toyo Çelik A.Ş., Turkey’s first state-of-the-art value-added flat steel producer, were laid in January 2015 upon the completion of approximately three years of preparations.

Constructed on an area spanning 250,000 m² in the Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone with a total investment value of USD 650M, the plant launched test production in December 2016. 

Launching commercial production in May 2017 with a rolling capacity of 1.0 million tons and employing approximately 800 people, Tosyalı Toyo Çelik A.Ş. manufactures tins, galvanized sheet, dyed sheet, cold rolled sheet and pickled-oiled rolls. Utilized in a wide range of areas from the packaging industry to electrical household appliances, from IT products to the construction industry, white goods and the automotive industry, the products not only meet the needs of Turkey, but also those of an expanded region spanning Europe, Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa.

Kroman Steel

Kroman Steel

Kroman Celik Sanayii A.S. was incorporated in 1966 with the aim of manufacturing and dealing in the Iron and Steel products. Kroman Celik joined Yucel Group of Companies in 1985 and has, since then, been continuing its manufacturing activities in the city of Kocaeli, district of Darica with an indoor area of 325.000sqm and outdoor area of 150.000sqm.

Kroman Celik carries on its activities with an environmentally conscious sense of manufacturing at its modern facilities with a capacity of “1,4 million” tons of molten steel, “1,8 million” tons of bar and wire rod rolling and “150 thousand” tons of section rolling per year and with its manpower of 1.450 employees within the framework of recycling of iron and steel scraps.

Ranked 30th among the largest 50 companies in Turkey.

Being ranked 30th in the list of “ISO 500 – Turkey’s Largest Industrial Enterprises 2018”, Kroman Celik has reached the position as one of the leading manufacturers of Turkey.

Bastug Metallurgy

Bastug Metallurgy

Baştuğ Metallurgy is the pride investment of Baştuğ family, which has been providing service in the iron and steel sector for over forty years. Founded with the union of Yolbulan and Baştuğ in 2008, the corporation continues its sectorial life as Baştuğ Metallurgy thanks to the agreement reached in the second half of 2016.

Focusing on growing with the technological investments each day and making the quality production reflexive, Baştuğ with its turnover over 1 billion dollars provides service in its 700 thousand m2 plants in total, with 145 thousand m2 being indoor, in Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone. With liquid steel production capacity of 2 million tons annually, Baştuğ Metallurgy has telescopic type electric arc furnace,which is the first application in the world, with daily liquid steel production capacity of 6500 tons. Ribbed rebar between Ø8- Ø40 mm is currently produced in the plant reaching a production power of ribbed rebar between Ø8-Ø65 mm with its integrated rolling mill investment.

Being among one of the top steel manufacturers in Turkey, Baştuğ Metallurgy, by diversifying its activities starting with liquid steel production, is included in the top 10 companies of iron and steel sector thanks to the investments it has made particularly in the region in which it makes production and the employment it provides with its turnover over 1 billion dollars. Our biggest goal is to increase rapidly the share of our country in the World’s iron and steel sector with new investments.

Atakas Steel

Atakas Steel

Atakaş Corporate Group was established in İskenderun in 1975 as a single company in iron trade industry.

The Company was active in iron trade and import for many years and succeeded in various areas. Today, Atakaş facilities have a production capacity of 1.2 million tons pickled and oiled coil, 400 thousand tons galvanized coil, 200 thousand tons of pre-painted coil and 200 thousand tons cold rolled coil. Additionally, as of 2018, the company invested in new lines for production facilities.

We serve our country and the whole world with our Steel Service Center, laboratories and professionals we raise in the steel industry.

Kaptan Demir Celik - Iron & Steel

kaptan iron and steel

Every year; 1,400,000 tons of billets, 1,000,000 tons of rebar

in 1964, iron and steel production started with the first rolling mill established in Karabük. Today, it produces at international standards with a steel mill, rolling mill, oxygen plant located in the Trakya region.

It produces internationally certified iron and steel for world market with its 1,400,000 ton/year billet capacity steel mill and 2 rolling mills with a total capacity of 1,400,000 ton/year construction iron.

Yazici Demir Celik

yazici steel

Yazıcı Iron & Steel was established in 1949 in Karabük and today reached an annual crude steel capacity of 1.000.000 Mtons at her steel shop which had been relocated to Iskenderun in 1993.

The steel shop is equipped with one 78 MVA ultra high power DC electric arc furnace and one 12 MVA ladle furnace, produces steel billets ranging from 100X100 mm to 140X140 mm cross section through a 6 strand high speed continuous casting machine.

The Rolling Mill has an annual capacity of 1.250.000 Mtons, is a fully continuous two strand rolling mill incorporating double, triple, quarted slitting and controlled water cooling process (TEMPCORE).

Controlled cooling (Tempcore) process attains high strength levels in the reinforcing steel bars together with an increase in the weldebality of the material as the maximum carbon equivalent is reduced.

Product Range :    

  • 8 to 50 mm dia. hot rolled plain and deformed bars
  • 8 to 50 mm dia. tempcored plain and deformed bars
  • 8 to 20 mm dia. once folded plain and deformed bars

Yesilyurt Steel

Yesilyurt steel

Yesilyurt is a family company, switched from being a trader, a profession inherited from their father, to an industrialist with its bar rolling mill with a capacity of 100,000 tons per year, established in Karabük in 1980. In 1987, second bar rolling mill with a capacity of 420,000 tons/year was established in Samsun and a steel mill with a capacity of 420,000 tons/year was established in 1997.

Continuing its way as the pearl of the Black Sea, Yeşilyurt Steel opened its own steel mill with a capacity of 420,000 tons/year in 1997 to produce its own semi-finished products due to supply problems in billet. Aiming top tiers of world steel production, YEŞİLYURT -through modernizations- increased its rolling capacity to 900,000 tons/year, and its liquid steel capacity reached 1,300,000 tons/year. All grades of ribbed rebar are produced in the range of 8mm to 50mm in the rolling mill.

Yeşilyurt Demir Çelik is among the first 100 companies in the list of Turkey’s 500 largest companies, announced annually by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Posco Assan

Top Turkish Steel Manufacturers 1

Posco Assan TST Steel Industry Inc. was established as a jont venture of South Korean Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO), Kibar Holding and Daewoo International in 2011.

The initial investment cost of the facility is S350 million and with 500 personel, the factory started production in 2013. The factory is located in Kocaeli Asım Kibar Organized Industrial Zone.

The purpose of Posco Assan TST’s establishment was to produce premium quality products with on time delivery to customers. 

Koc Metallurgy

Koc Metallurgy


Koc Metallurgy, which acquired the melting plant in OSMANİYE OSB as Koç Metalurji, has increased its annual production capacity to 1.2 million tons in investment.


The rolling mill, which started operating in the Payas Organized Industrial Zone in 1994, has an annual production capacity of 550 thousand tons of rebar.

Ekinciler Iron & Steel

Ekinciler iron and steel

Ekinciler Iron and Steel Industries, Inc. is the main subsidiary company of Ekinciler Holding. Founded in Iskenderun Bay four decades ago, the company has an annual production capacity of 1.25 million tons. All types of construction steel are manufactured by a highly skilled workforce in the production plant, which is empowered with the state of the art technologies.

EKDEMİR exports products to more than 60 countries all over the world. In 2019, Company’s net sales were USD 326 million and was ranked 78th in 2018 and 114th in 2019 among the Top 500 industrial corporations in Turkey.

Asil Steel

asil steel

Asil Çelik is an enterprise which produces hot rolled, heat treated, fully conditioned alloyed, non-alloyed, high-alloyed round, square, hexagonal, flat, grayder blade steel products used in automotive, OEM, machinery and energy industries.

Asil Çelik is the largest quality steel producer of Turkey accepted globally as an accredited quality steel producer and produces 60% of Turkey’s total quality steel production.

On the other hand, the company exports approximately 40% of its total production.

Mescier Iron & Steel

Top Turkish Steel Manufacturers 2

Mescier Iron & Steel started trading iron&steel products in Karabük during the early 60’s. As time went by, the company expanded its trade volume with its second branch founded in İskenderun.

The company became a producer in 1990, with the hot rolling mill plant that started its operations in Karabük.

It achieved a continuously rising growth curve thanks to the ever-expanding production and export volume.

The company attained a powerful position both in Turkey and in international iron & steel industry with its iron & steel products exported to over 100 countries.

All iron & steel products manufactured in Karabuk and Bartin rolling mill plants are produced in accordance with the international quality standards.

Along with manufacturing Equal Angles, Flat Bars, Square Bars, Round Bars, IPN, UPN ve IPE iron and steel products, it also undertakes the sales activities of these products in domestic and international markets.

Kocaer Steel

kocaer steel

Operating in the steel profile segment of the iron and steel industry, Kocaer Çelik is the export champion of the Aegean Region in the iron and steel industry with foreign currency-indexed sales revenue of over USD 500 million and exports close to USD 400 million, and is the company with the highest steel profile exports for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

With an 800,000 tons/year steel profile capacity, Kocaer Çelik currently manufactures in a total area of 280,000 m², 85,000 m² of which is closed, with 3 steel profile factories, 1 Galvanizing Factory, 1 Service Center and a renewable electricity generation facility with a capacity of 15 million kWh/year and provides direct employment to approximately 1,000 people.

Kocaer Çelik is one of Turkey’s leading steel profile manufacturers in its segment with over 12,000 products in various types, sizes and thicknesses containing chemical compositions of over 60 different qualities, together with the value-added products added to its product portfolio. The company manufactures high-strength, special quality, different sizes, special lengths and sections of steel profiles for customers operating in the solar energy infrastructure, energy transmission line, structural steel, transportation, mining, tunneling, shipbuilding, agriculture, machinery manufacturing and defense industry sectors and sells them through export, domestic and international distribution channel established in 2015 in the United Kingdom, which is the first in the industry.

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