Zinc Die Casting Companies in Turkey

Discover reliable suppliers of Zinc Die Casting Parts in Turkey. We have selected below listed zamak die casting companies with export focus.

zinc die casting Turkey

Zinc Alloys (Zamak) is still a favorable material to manufacture large quantities of parts for many industries due to the advantages of Zamak against other materials like aluminum and steel. 

Here are the Zinc die casting companies in Turkey who are eligible to be placed in our list.

Pro Metal Zinc Die Casting Supplier

zinc die casting Turkey Prometal

Prometal was founded in 2000 in Bursa for manufacturing precision zinc & aluminium diecast components .

The company has 5.000  production area in one of the major industrial zones of the city.

They supply to a wide variety of industries from automotive,hardware, electrical components to gas appliances with having experience staff capable for tool design & tool making .

Prometal is able to produce zinc die cast components from 0,5gr. up to 1 kg, aluminium up to 2,5 kg and deliver customer orders on time varying batch quantities from 1.000pcs to 10.000.000 pcs.

They have extensive in-house facilities for finishing operations such as tapping, reaming, machining, assemblies and  surface coating with approved sub-contractors.

Prometal is located in Bursa/Turkey.


Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Pembe Cad. No:5 Bursa – Türkiye

TEL: +90 224 241 71 71

FAX: +90 224 241 51 10

Berk Zamak Die Casting Turkey

Berk zamak die casting supplier turkey

Established in 1992, Berk took the first step in casting industry with the manufacture of metal aluminium and zamak die cast machinery.

Following the establishment of casting room in 1998, it started to manufacture parts from aluminium and zamak alloys by means of die cast method.

It started mould production after the first CNC machine was bought in 2002. The produced parts and moulds are exported notably to Germany, USA, England, Italy and Russia.

İOSB Meral-İş San. Sit. 18. Blok No:32 İkitelli / İstanbul
Phone Numbers
+90 536 993 16 35
+90 212 549 49 63

Ozfer Zinc Die Casting

ozfer zamak die casting

Ozfer is a Bursa Turkey based zinc die casting company serving to automotive, agriculture, and machinery sectors. The company was founded in 1979, and in 2005 has moved to a factory with 2600 sqm closed area.

Address :
Minareliçavuş Mahallesi, Selvi Cd. No:7, 16140 Nilüfer/Bursa
Telephone :
+90 224 411 02 40

Ozturk Press Die Casting

Ozturk Press zamak die casting company

Ozturk Press was established in 1967 and since the establishment, it has presented its knowledge and resources, experiences and service quality approach in a customer-oriented manner until today, so it takes it market share in a best possible way.

It produces parts made by Aluminium and Zamak alloys with the method of pressure die casting under the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System certificate.

Address.:İvedik Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Arı Sanayi Sitesi
Yeni 1475. Sok. (Eski 692. Sokak) No: 85 –
Yenimahalle – ANKARA / TÜRKİYE
Tel.:+90(312) 395 26 38
Fax:+90(312) 395 26 37

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