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largest turkish manufacturers

Turkish Manufacturers Hub


Turkish manufacturers hub

We select the Turkish manufacturers listed on this section with as much as possible care and verify them from official sources, so you will make sure the company you will contact is a reliable company to further discuss business opportunities.

In the first part you will see Turkey’s largest manufacturing corporations. Then you will find top manufacturers lists from various sectors and you will be able to access the pages from here easily.

top turkish steel manufacturers

List of Best Steel Manufacturers in Turkey, including contact details and basic information about the manufacturing companies in steel industry.

The List of Top Aluminum Manufacturers in Turkey, including contact details and basic information about the manufacturing companies…

The Foundries of Iron Casting serving to many industries like automotive. Check out details of Turkish Iron Casting Foundries here and contact the companies.

sheet metal stamping manufacturers in Turkey

Sheet Metal Stamping

Here are the best custom sheet metal stamping products & Stamping Dies & Tools  suppliers located in Turkey for automotive, and many other industries

zinc die casting Turkey

Zinc Die Casting Suppliers

Zamak – Zinc Die Casting parts manufacturers, mold, tools makers in Turkey are listed. Find out Turkish companies engaged in zinc die casting parts making.

aluminum die casting companies manufacturers in Turkey

Aluminum Die Casting Suppliers

Are you looking for Turkish manufacturers for custom aluminum die casting parts and die casting tools.. Then Check out this page for suppliers in Turkey

List of Manufacturing Companies in Turkey

Here are the Turkey’s largest corporations who are engaged in manufacturing from various industries. The contact details, and products and services supplied by the companies are available in the list.

On the top of the list of Largest Turkish Companies, there are many automobile manufacturers (Ford Otosan, Oyak – Renault, Toyota, Hyundai..) and Petroleum companies… We excluded them in the list.

Isdemir Steel

isdemir top steel manufacturer in Turkey

İsdemir is Turkey’s only integrated plant that produces long and flat products with a hot rolling capacity of 3.5 million tons/year commissioned in 2008.

İsdemir was established on 3 October 1970 by the Mediterranean coast in the south of Turkey, in Payas (Yakacık), 17 km to İskenderun. At the time, the plant was founded on a total area of 16.75 million m2, including social facilities (plant’s area: 6.8 million m2).

Commissioned in 1975 with a steel bloom production capacity of 1.1 million tons/year, İsdemir’s production capacity was increased with a plant extension to 2.2 million tons/year as of 1985.

Founded to produce long products such as pig iron, blooms, billets and reinforcing bars at international standards, İsdemir uses coke – sinter – blast furnace – steelworks – continuous casting and hot rolling processes for production.

Erdemir Steel

Erdemir steel Turkey

Erdemir, the main company of the OYAK Mining Metallurgy and one of the most valuable industrial assets of Turkey, was established in 1960 under a special law, in order to be the first domestic producer of flat steel, which the Turkish industry necessitates at that time.

Erdemir produces plates, hot and cold rolled, tin, chromium and zinc coated flat steel and supplies basic inputs to automotive, white goods, pipes and tubes, rolling, manufacturing, electrics-electronics, mechanical engineering, energy, heating equipment, shipbuilding, defense, and packaging industries.

Arcelik ( White Goods & Home Appliances)

Arçelik Global White Goods

Arcelik is Turkey’s biggest manufacturer of white goods and hope appliances having a strong global presence.

With over 40,000 employees throughout the world, Arçelik’s global operations include subsidiaries in 49 countries, and 28 production facilities in 9 countries and 12 brands (Arçelik, Beko, Grundig, Blomberg, ElektraBregenz, Arctic, Leisure, Flavel, Defy, Altus, Dawlance, Voltas Beko).

Arcelik Has:

  • 12 Brands
  • 30 Production Facilities
  • 81 Subsidiaries in 52 countries
  • More than 40.000 employees


  • Arcelik
  • Beko
  • Grundig
  • Altus
  • Defy
  • Arctıc
  • Blomberg
  • Flavel
  • Dawlance

Icdas Steel

icdas iron and steel

Icdaş, have been producing construction steel and alloyed steel since 1970, is the second biggest steel producer of Turkey with its production capacity.

ICDAS ranked in the 6th place among the 500 Biggest Industrial Enterprises of Turkey including the public sector in 2014, according to the determinations of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), has around 10.000 employees together with the group companies.

Being aware of the strategic significance of national steel industry for the Turkish economy and being devoted to its roots, ICDAS is the technology and quality leader in the steel industry.

Leading sector in the economies of the developed countries has always been the steel industry. Our world is developing under the glow of steel. ICDAS, being the biggest private steel producer of our country, contributes to the target of our country of reaching the level of contemporary civilizations with its elbow grease at the steel ladle.

Colakoglu Metallurgy (Steel)

Turkish steel manufac turer Colakoglu

In 1969 Çolakoğlu began producing steel in its mill in Dilovası, a town on the Gulf of İzmit east of İstanbul.

Since the very outset, Çolakoğlu has always maintained its leading position in its sector by undertaking new investments. In 1985 Çolakoğlu became the first privately-owned firm in Turkey to produce wire rod. In 1990 it added steel reinforcing bar to its product line.

Toscelik - Steel Manufacturer

Toscelik steel manufacturer Turkey

TOSÇELIK Profile and Sheet Industry Co., which operates under Tosyalı Holding, was established in 1997 in Iskenderun Industrial Zone for ERW(Electric Resistance Welding) pipe and hollow section production.

Ranked in the ISO 500 list for the first time in 2000, Tosçelik established Turkey’s most modern spiral pipe plant with the largest capacity in Osmaniye Industrial Zone in 2008. The plant started production at the beginning of 2009.

Continuing its investments without slowing down, the company produced the first special hot rolled flat product in 2009 at Tosçelik Osmaniye Structural Steel Production Plant, which had been constructed in 18 months. This investment stands out as the first flat steel production facility constructed from scratch by the private sector of the Republic of Turkey.

In 2011, the Company ranked 25th in the ISO 500 list with its exports made under the Tosçelik brand. With its investments made with the motto ‘Turkey’s global steelmaker’ and export volume increasing every year, the Company continues to rank among the top 20 companies in every edition of ISO-500 list, climbing up steadily.



ASELSAN is a company of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, established in 1975 in order to meet the communication needs of the Turkish Armed Forces by national means. Currently ​74,20% of the shares are owned by the Foundation whereas the remaining 25,8% runs in İstanbul Borsa stock market.

ASELSAN is the largest defense electronics company of Turkey whose capability/product portfolio comprises communication and information technologies, radar and electronic warfare, electro-optics, avionics, unmanned systems, land, naval and weapon systems, air defence and missile systems, command and control systems, transportation, security, traffic, automation and medical systems.

Today ASELSAN has become an indigenous products exporting company, investing in international markets through various cooperation models with local partners and listed as one of the top 100 defence companies of the world (Defense News Top 100).

Vestel (White Goods & Home Appliances)

Vestel Home Appliances Turkey

Comprised of 24 companies, the Vestel Group is a multi-industry manufacturer, which operates in electronics, household appliances, mobile technologies, LED lighting and defence. Testimony to the global importance of Zorlu Holding across multiple technology sectors, Vestel is not only thriving at home in Turkey with its 12 companies, but also through a further 14 businesses that have been set up in various other parts of the world.

Originally founded in 1984, Vestel has grown from strength to strength, realizing its global potential after joining the Zorlu Group in 1994. Having rapidly accumulated market share, Vestel has attained global significance thanks to its flourishing export activity and enormous production capacity.

In 2014 alone, Vestel received more than 66 of the most prestigious design awards.

Sasa Polyester

sasa polyester

SASA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polyester, fiber, filament yarn, polyester-based polymers, specialty polymers and intermediates.

SASA successfully manages the entire process from design to manufacturing and distribution by combining its leadership responsibility in its sector, its strong technical heritage and innovation culture with its high production capacity.

Having started its production in the polyester industry in 1966, SASA has always maintained its rapid growth process with its uninterrupted investments since its establishment. SASA established a joint-venture partnership with world chemistry giant Dupont in 2000 to maintain its leadership in the polyester industry and to further strengthen this position, and consecutively acquired the name “DupontSA”.

The name DupontSA was changed to ADVANSA with the acquisition of Dupont shares in 2004 by Sabancı Holding. The name of the group’s organization in Turkey was also changed to ADVANSA SASA Polyester Sanayi A.Ş. in 2005. In 2011, Sabancı Holding acquired all the shares of ADVANSA BV and changed its name from ADVANSA SASA to SASA in September 2011.

Yildiz Entegre (MDF - Parquet - Doors)

Yildiz Entegre MDF manufacturer

Yıldız Entegre, which started with timber trade in Trabzon in 1890, managed to become a global player in forestry sector by moving its experiences forward with its institutionalization move in 1982.

Yıldız Entegre, which makes a difference with its entrepreneurial and innovative approach, is one of the 30 largest industrial companies in Turkey. It is among the top 10 companies in the forest products sector in the world with 7 facilities. Yıldız Entegre has a total plate production capacity of 12.000 m3/day located in more than 1.725.000 m² area. 

Yıldız Entegre produces MDF (medium density fiberboard), melamine faced mdf, particleboard, melamine faced particleboard, laminate flooring, painted plate (mdf, particleboard), cover panel, lac panel, MDF door, doorskin, impregnated decor paper and glue in production facilities in Turkey, Romania and Slovenia. In the USA, port terminals are located and they try to supply, store and provide logistic services for the raw materials needed for production.

The flagship Kartepe Facility is still proud to be the world’s largest integrated MDF production facility under one roof. Yıldız Entegre, taking its first steps towards becoming a global brand with the US investment, strengthens its presence in Europe, North Africa, Russia and Turkic Republics with its production facilities in Romania and Slovenia.

Sisecam - Glass Manufacturer

sisecam glass manufacturer turkey

Founded in 1935 by İşbank at the directive of Atatürk, the founder and the first President of the Republic of Turkey, Şişecam is one of the most established industrial enterprises in Turkey with a corporate history spanning more than 85 years. Today, Şişecam ranks among the world’s most prestigious manufacturers thanks to its exceptional expertise and highly competitive operations.

Şişecam was founded to meet Turkey’s need for basic glass products. As one of the most powerful industrial conglomerates in the country today, Şişecam has also transformed into a global player in all key areas of the glass industry, as well as in soda and chromium compounds business lines.

Şişecam has undertaken major efforts to become an international success with its ever-growing production power, highly reputable brand image, superior product quality and value-creating sustainable growth approach. It is currently one of the world’s leading glass producers with production operations located in 14 countries on four continents and some 24,000 employees. Şişecam records sales in over 150 countries around the globe.

In addition, Şişecam is the only global producer operating in all three key areas of the global glass industry: flat glass, glassware and glass packaging. It ranks among the world’s top two producers in glassware, and among the top five global producers in glass packaging and flat glass. Şişecam is also worlds one of top three largest producers of soda and a world leader in chromium chemicals.

Borcelik - Galvanized Steel Manufacturer

Borcelik flat galvanized Steel manufacturer

Turkey’s Biggest Galvanized Flat Steel Manufacturer

Founded in 1990 as the first private and the second largest flat steel manufacturer of Turkey, Borçelik has started its business operations in order to manufacture “cold-rolled steel rolls” in 1994.

Following its investments realized in the years 1994, 2003 and 2008 at a total investment cost of 530 million USD, Borçelik has increased its manufacturing capacity to 1.5 million tons.

Having three cold-rolling and three hot dip galvanized steel lines, Borçelik is the biggest galvanized steel manufacturer of Turkey offering the highest quality with 900 thousand tons of galvanized steel capacity

Underlying the strong market position of our Company continuing its business operations as a partnership of Borusan Holding and ArcelorMittal, one of the largest steel manufacturers of the world, are such factors as its dynamic workforce, its innovative approach, its continuous investments realized for self-development and growth, and its customer-oriented service and quality approach.

Kardemir Iron Steel

Kardemir Iron Steel Producer Turkey

The foundations of Kardemir that is the first integrated iron and steel factory of Turkey were laid by the term Prime Minister İsmet İnönü on 10th September of 1939 as one of the national industrialisation moves of the founder of our republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We fired up our first blast furnace on 9th September, 1939 and on the following day, 10th September 1939, we produced the first Turkish Iron.

We actualised the project designing, manifacturing and installation of a large number of major industrial plants by leading our country’ s industrial enterprises. Therefore; we are known in Turkey as “the factory establishing factories” and memorialized by this name.

Sarkuysan Copper

Yucel Boru - Tubes Manufacturer

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